110 Episode 110 "The Archer's Eyes Looking through the...

 "At the same time, on the road north of Dengokugan...

"...... haha. Haa.

 The courtesan Kataria was riding through the forest.
 The horse she was riding was shot dead.

 It was the archer Kalikhu-Fuen. His arrow pierced the hind leg of Kataria's horse as it ran in the darkness.
 The horse fell, and the second arrow pierced its neck.
 It was only luck that Kataria was not trapped under the horse.

(............ doesn't think I'll be able to outrun it, anyway)

 The only reason Kataria kept running was to attract Calikhu-Huyen.
 Of all the soldiers from King's Landing, he's the strongest.
 He is the strongest of the soldiers from King's Landing, and the more he can keep him here, the safer his friends and the Dragon Emperor will be.

I wonder why he's running away. Kataria.

 I'm not doing business with you.

I only want to make a deal with you.
"...... deal?

 As soon as Kataria answered, an arrow pierced her foot.
 As soon as Kataria replies, an arrow pierces her foot.
She knew that Calicu Fuen could see her, and she knew that she could not escape.

This is the power of the Ten Wise Men and the belly of the warlord Riedal, Kalikyu Fuen. ....... It is true that he is a transcendent being with a powerful bow and eyes that see through the darkness.
"You remembered your two names. You and I have a connection.

 I saw Calikhu-Huyen.
 He's got two soldiers behind him. No sign of Kataria's companions.
 I hope they've escaped. Preferably at least Sorrel, the courtesan to whom I entrusted the Dragon Emperor.

 I'll finish here.
 Kataria decides to keep Calikhu-Huyen at bay for as long as possible.
 That was all she could do.

"──── Are you worried about your luggage, Kataria?
"...... What are you talking about?

 Kataria nodded her head in response to Calikhu-Huyen's question.
 She replied in as flat a tone as possible.

I don't know about your luggage. We don't know anything about your luggage.
"Don't play dumb. I'm on your side.
Your side?
This case is a mystery to begin with. The fact that His Majesty the Dragon Emperor went to the trouble of providing food and wine for Strategist Riedal's defeat of the Gurutra Lords. And that you, the courtesans, would accompany him to do so. None of this has ever happened before.
Of course not. Our goal is to escape.

 Kataria looks at Calikhu-Huyen and says back.

We are tired of the court being ruled by the Ten Wise Men. We are tired of the court ruled by the Ten Sages, and we are tired of the warlords and generals who do nothing to correct their lawlessness. That's why we've decided to abandon the court!
"Leave the Dragon Emperor?
"...... Yes. We're hired hands after all.
"In a court ruled by the Ten Wise Masters, you still continue to serve His Majesty? I find that hard to believe.

 Calikhuen shrugged his shoulders.

"So I thought to myself. So I thought to myself, maybe you've come all this way to let the Dragon Emperor escape.
"Well, you have a vivid imagination.
I can't think of any other reason why you would be so desperate.
What if it's ......?
"Give me the Dragon Emperor.

 Calikhu-Huyen on horseback, bow at the ready.

I will use that right to raise a new power. If I do, I will be at the top of the list in terms of contribution to this world. The goddess will grant my wish, and I will be able to return to my world. As a result, the world will be saved. Not a bad deal, right?
"......, I don't understand what you're saying.
"Give me the Dragon Emperor. You can support the Dragon Emperor next to Calikoo-Huyen here. That's all.
"Your Majesty is not here at .......

 Kataria slowly backed away.

Even if you were here, I wouldn't give it to you. You have been deprived of your magic by the Ten Sages. That's why your body was weak. You need to rest and relax in a place filled with magic.
He's the emperor. You are the emperor. You deserve to be used, don't you?

...... You don't know what you're talking about.
I do. The emperor is useful.
"............ You have almost no feelings.

 "You have very few emotions," Kataria said, trying to squeeze them out.

It is said that this is a side effect of the rituals of the Ten Sages, which deprived him of his magical powers from an early age so that he could not rebel. It is said to be a side effect of being deprived of magic by the ritual of the Ten Sages since childhood, so that she could not rebel. His only wish was to see a world he didn't know: ....... Will you be able to grant that wish?
Why should I make the emperor's wish come true?
............ I see.
The emperor is just a tool. He's just a tool to make the world a more peaceful place. After this Calikhu-Fuen has achieved his goal, you are free to go. You don't need personal feelings to make the world a better place, do you?
Are you one of those people?

 Kataria jumped backwards.
 Kataria leaps backwards, running in a zigzag, using a tree as a shield.

 We're in the woods. There are many obstacles.
 It's a disadvantage for Calikoo-Huen's bow...


 Just as you think this, an arrow pierces the sleeve of Kataria's dress.


 The arrow went straight into the trunk of the tree behind her.
 Kataria's clothes were sewn to the tree, and she could not move.

 She turned her head and saw a tree with a hole in it that the arrow could fit through.
 Calikhu-Huyen's arrow pierced the tree in its path and plunged straight into Kataria's sleeve.

The "Penetrating Arrow". This is my gift from the goddess. It's a great way to make sure that you don't get caught in the middle of something.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
 She broke free and tried to run, but fell to the ground.

 An arrow pierced the hem of her skirt.
 The arrow pierced the trunk of a tree. She was sewn back into the tree.

 Kataria raises her knife again.
 The next moment, she was shot through the sleeve of the knife in her hand.
 The next moment, the knife was shot through the sleeve of her hand.

The next moment, the knife was shot through the sleeve of her hand.
"...... What are you going to do with me, Calikhu-Huyen?
"You will tell me why you are here. If it has anything to do with the Dragon Emperor, you can tell me where he is.

 Calikyu Fuen instructed the soldiers on either side.
 The soldiers are slowly approaching, ropes in hand.

If you've taken out the Dragon Emperor, ...... you've probably enlisted the help of other lords. I'm not sure if it's the Gurutra Patriarch or the Kittle Patriarch. ...... The Kittle Patriarch is the one with the highest loyalty to the Emperor. If so, I'll take it back. If it's too difficult, I'll give up and use a military strategist. If it's too difficult, I'll give up and use a military strategist. That will help raise my score.
...... Is everything a tool for ...... advancement to you?
"What's wrong with that?

 I'm the one who's trying to figure out this world.

I'm always thinking of ways to conquer this world. That's why I shot the bird just now, to get your attention. I thought that having your beauty by my side would motivate me. But your presence is more of a negative...

"Well... So you're the one who hurt my child.

 I heard voices.
 Reflexively, the soldiers stopped moving.
 At the same time, Calikhu-Huyen looks around. The sun has gone down, and darkness is spreading in the forest. Even so, Calikhu-Fuen strains his eyes and searches for the owner of the voice.

Who is it? There's no point in hiding. My eyes...
"My eyes can see and shoot the wings of subhumans flying far above. Can't you?
Oh, yes. No matter who you are, you can't hide from these eyes that see through the darkness!

 Calikoo-Huyen's eyes turn gold.
 I guess those are the eyes that see through the darkness.
 Calikoo, who had been looking around, stopped moving. He seems to have found the source of the voice.

What the hell is that? Kuro coat, ...... bandages, huh?
"Wow. You really found me?
Who are you? Who are you to interfere with the Ten Wise Men and their army, Calikhu Huen?

If you're worried about me, watch closely. Absolute Sight! "Absolute Sight!

 A huge, shiny dragon appeared in the forest.

 It was a two-headed dragon with a body as long as a snake.
 It was a two-headed dragon with a body as long as a snake. Its entire body glowed violently, illuminating Kataria, the soldiers, and Calikoo-Huen.
 It was truly a dragon of light.
 It was a dragon of light that captured the eye of all who saw it, and the light drove the darkness from the forest...


 Karikoo Fuen screamed, holding both of her eyes.
 It seems that he had looked directly into the light with his prized "eyes that see through the darkness". It was only natural for eyes accustomed to darkness. Even Kataria was momentarily blinded by the light.

You were being chased by that man, weren't you?

 A voice came from close to Kataria.
 She was still too blind to see him. All I can see is red hair and horns.

We'll talk about it later. I'll help you. Don't move. And lift your leg a little bit.
"Yes, sir!

 Kataria did as she was told and lifted her legs.
 The girl in front of her grabbed the hatchet from her waist and swung it at her. Kataria closes her eyes involuntarily. What the hell are you doing with that?

It's the Axe of Tetsu, enchanted by my brother. You can use the Ogre Force of the Oni Shogun to ......!

 With a very light sound, the axe fell to the ground.

 With a very light sound, the axe pierced the tree.
 The tree where Kataria was pinned down by two arrows.
 The hatchet pierced the trunk and gouged out only the part where Kataria was tied.

"What, what, what, what, what?
"You've had your magic potion, hey guys.

"Hey! "Hey!

 Behind Kataria, she heard someone else's voice.

"Then take him to safety. Protect him!
"Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey!


 The tree that Kataria was bound to was caught by something large.
 The tree that Kataria is bound to is caught by something large and carries her away.

What the hell is ...... happening? I know you survived, but ......".

 Kataria managed to turn her head and look towards the forest.
 She could faintly see Callichoo-Huyen standing up, holding his eyes...

"...... I don't know who you are. But you've hurt my people.

 "I don't know who you are, but you hurt my people," said a man with a black coat blowing in the wind.


 And it was a two-headed dragon that flew through the air to protect him.

(...... if they're on our side ......)

 Kataria held her chest with her free hand.

(If those people are on our side, ......) Kataria held her chest with her free hand. (...... may be able to help us save the Dragon Emperor.

 (You may be able to use your power to save the Dragon Emperor ) Kataria mumbled to herself as she was carried away.