111 Episode 111:"'The Hegemony of The Odd Shape', The ...

 "Shoma's point of view...

"You're the one who hurt my child (Leroy), aren't you?

The light from the double-headed dragon illuminates the boy with the huge bow in his hand.
 You can also see an arrow stuck in a tree.
 The arrow feathers are large and the arrow itself is long. It's the same one that damaged Leroy's wing.

 So it's him.
I can't hear the footsteps of the Soldier of Will and Haruka anymore.
 I told Haruka to take the woman to Sylvia. Haruka has seen the Arrow of Nine Flames, so she should be able to get to it easily.

 I look at the archer in front of me.

"You have eyesight that can see through the darkness, so you should have seen that it was a subhuman flying, not a bird. Why did you shoot the arrow? If I hadn't taken precautions ...... and Loloi hadn't been flying nearby, my child could have been seriously injured.

 I said.
 The boy with the big bow rubbed his eyes and looked up.

I wasn't trying to pick a fight with you. I wasn't even in your way. I was just flying nearby. ...... What the hell are you doing to my kid?
d*mn it! Shut up!

 The boy with the big bow looked at me.
 You're early. You've regained your sight already?
 If his eyesight and restorative powers are due to his skills, is he a reincarnation?

"I don't care about subhumans!

 The boy with the big bow shouted.

"A subhuman is not a human. What's wrong with shooting with a bow? I only did it because I needed to show my strength!
"...... Really?
I'm not sure what you're talking about, but who are you? Who are you and why are you here?
I am the lord of the child you shot. I am the lord of the child you shot. Then we'll talk.
There's nothing to talk about! The Dragon Emperor belongs to you, Calikhu Huen!
That's not important right now.
"...... What?

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

 I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the right one for you.
 But now it's more about my child.

"So, you can't have the Dragon Emperor...
I said I don't care about that right now!
Don't be silly! You don't give a d*mn about what this Calikoo-Huyen wants!
Oh. All I care about is that you put an arrow in my boy without question. If you don't drop your weapon, I'm gonna knock your bow off. And I'll make this land safe for you. That's all.
"I don't understand .......
We're still together.
Calikhu Huen has great ambitions. He has great ambitions, and anyone who stands in his way will be extinguished!

 Calikyu Fuen draws his bow.
 I'll give the order to the double-headed dragon.

"Spread the arrows!
"Go! Go!

 As soon as he shoots the arrow, I'll send the double-headed dragon into it.
 Calikyu Fuen's arrows split in midair. Five in number. Amazing ability. So you're a reincarnation.

"Sorry. Catch that for me.

The Two-Headed Dragon twists its massive body. With its long body and tail, it dispels the arrows.
 But all the arrows are unstoppable.
 A few arrows pierce the body of the glowing dragon.

"d*mn it! Get out of here, you monster!

 Calikhu-Fuen shoots another arrow.
 After the tenth arrow, the double-headed dragon exploded.

 I timed it just right, and I'm going to "Awaken the Flying Kind".
While the flash of the double-headed dragon enveloped the forest, I rose.
 I'll fly towards Kalikhu-Huyen from the side.

"I'm not going to be blinded twice!

 Calikhu-Huyen was only looking at the double-headed dragon for a few tens of seconds.
 He sees me and draws his bow.
 But I'm ready with my arrows.

 I took out a bowl from the King's Vessel.
 In the bowl is a pile of Flora beans.
 This is the arrow repellent (・・・・) item that I fed to Leroy and Loloi.

The naming breath is still working.

 I popped a pile of beans into my mouth as I flew.

I jumped and popped a pile of beans into my mouth.
"Go through! "Penetrate! Zetsu penetrating arrow!

 Calikhu-Fuen shoots an arrow.
 The arrow glowed crimson and came towards me...

 ...and then it deflects in front of me.

Sorry, but I've taken precautions against flying objects.

I've added a naming breath to the pile of beans to give it the ability to protect you.
 If you eat it, it will create a barrier around your body that prevents arrows for a certain amount of time.

 I'm the one who ordered Leroy and Loloi to scout.
 Obviously, I wouldn't send them out without countermeasures.

 I gave them beans to keep the arrows from hitting them. But Leroy, who hates beans, left half. So the barrier was half full. Next time I'll make a big bowl of rice in a small bowl.

"If you're capable of ...... such things, why aren't you aiming for the sky?

 Calikhu-Fuen continues to shoot arrows.

"Yes, let's team up with this Kalikhu-Fuen! Eliminate the warlord Riedal and occupy the royal capital. If you unite the continent, you will be recognized by the goddess Nemesis. As the god of this world until this Calikhu-Fuen returns to the original world...
"I refuse. I graduated from that kind of thing when I was a junior high school sophomore.

 I'm not going to be able to do that.
 I'm not going to be able to do that.
 Keep going...

"Let him take a hit first. This is for my child.

 I took out a club from the King's Vessel and smashed Calikoo-Huyen with it.


 The bow broke. Arrows scattered.
 Calikyu Fuen's body is blown away.

 I'm holding back.
 The harpy representative said he wanted to take a shot, so we'll have to save some for that.
 Besides, we're gonna have to pull every last bit of information out of this thing.

I can't believe ──── Lord Calikoo-Huyen was ...... so easily beaten.
"──── is no match for us. ......
"──── are we ...... going to die on a mission like this?

 Calikhu-Huyen's men are looking very pale.
 I'm not sure what to make of that.

"Drop your weapon and we won't kill you.

 I said, showing him the horn of the dragon species.
 At the same time, I'll try to scare it with the lowest-powered 'dragon roar (breath)'.

"I give up at .............

 The soldiers dropped their weapons easily. Good.
 I use the chains from my storage skill, the King's Vessel, to restrain Calikhu-Fuen.
 Don't forget the Momen no Houtai (Seal of Mourning Cotton) to keep the reincarnated at bay.
 I made this when I fought Touki-Housae before.
I've added a Naming Breath to the Cotton Bandage, adding an ability blocking effect.

It's about time Prim came.

 I saw the Arrow of Nine Flames earlier, so I had Prim go that way.
 I told her I'd use the double-headed dragon over here, so she should come back when she sees the light of the explosion...

"My king! Sorry to keep you waiting...!
"Good work ......, why are you diving at me?

 Prim's little body is falling from above me.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for. It's okay, Prim, it's light.

I wasn't in such a hurry.

 I ask as I pick up Prim's body.
 The half-harpy Prim's body is the size of a schoolboy, so it's not a burden for me in my "dragon seed awakening" state. Even if she were to fall from the sky, I would be able to catch her.

Don't do anything dangerous. I have enough to worry about with Leroy.
I came as soon as I could because the king was angry.
Was he that angry with you? I was.
He was angry. More than I've ever seen him.
Is that so?

It's not every day that the King himself strikes an enemy, is it?
...... Yeah, but...

 I'm not sure what to do.
 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
 It's proof that he was at least rational.

"What about the woman Haruka protected?
She was taken by Princess Sylvia's men. I took her halfway.
What about that woman and this Callichoo-Huyen who was called the Dragon Emperor?
"Well, you know.

 In my arms, Prim put her face close to my ear.
 I think it was a precaution so that the soldiers would not hear.

It seems that the women who serve in the ............ court have taken out the Dragon Emperor.
"............ I knew it!
"............ His Majesty was still young and was being persecuted by the Ten Sages. I'm sure you'll be able to understand why. I think these soldiers are after them.
"............ Where is the Dragon Emperor now?
............ Princess Sylvia has been taken into custody.

 That's a relief.
 Sylvia will be able to protect the emperor without any problem.
I've heard that the Kittle family is very loyal to the Emperor.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this.
"......Yes. Then, let's reactivate all the magic circles between the Kittle family and the Distant Country.
"Should we try ......?
"Let's try .......

 "Let's do " "Let's do And with infinite operating time.
 You can also set up a wall on the ground to intercept the enemy.

 In addition, you can lend your enchanted weapon to the Kittle family.
 You can leave the management to Sylvia.
 Also... maybe we should give Sylvia a title like "Dragon General" or "Demon General".
 If you can use powers like Lisette, Haruka, Yukino and Prim, it should be easier for Sylvia.

"............ Hmm.
What's wrong, Prim?
I'm sure you're not thinking of getting yourself a Tribute Dragon Emperor, are you?
Oh. Prim and the others are enough for my little girls.
"Mmm... Sometimes kings are rude. The others are fine, but this Prim is a grown woman.
Then it's time for you to get out of my arms.
She's a grown woman. Sometimes she wants to be the king.
You're talking nonsense.
I'm a military strategist.
I'm not a military strategist.

 Anyway, I can't help it if I get the emperor.
 I don't even know who the Dragon Emperor is.
 Oh, but I'm sure Lisette and Princess Carol will want to meet him.
 Maybe I should ask Sylvia to make an opportunity to meet him.

"Prim. One more job.
Yes, sir.
I heard there are other princesses who escaped. I'll tell Sylvia to look for them and collect them. Prim can help me find them.
Yes, sir. I'll ask Leroy to do the same. It's a royal order.
And tell the nearby Kitoru Guard to bring them in.
Yes, sir. I know where they are. I'll bring them to you.

 "Yes, sir, I know where they are, and I'll bring them to you," Prim said, and was about to "awaken" again when...

"Hahahaha. The Emperor will not be yours!

 Suddenly, Calikhu-Huyen shouted.
 He was leaning against a tree, staring at his feet.

 There was a torn leather bag lying on the ground.
 There's a torn sleeve nearby. It seemed to belong to the palace lady who had just fled.

"The emperor has been hiding in his luggage since we left the capital. We couldn't find him either. The emperor had been hiding in his luggage for a long time after he left the capital.
...... That's what one of the palace ladies said.

 I'm sure you'll be able to understand.
 Calikhu-Huyen stomped on a torn leather bag.

I've heard that. I've heard that the state of suspended animation can only be broken with a special potion.

 If you look closely, you can see that the grass around the leather bag is wet.

 Could it be that ...... there was a potion in that leather bag?

"Even if you have the Emperor, you can't use him! The emperor is still asleep. This Kalikhu-Huyen can bring that potion from the court, though!
"...... is this Prim's undoing. I should have come sooner. ......

 It's not Prim's fault.
 The potion was spilled when the woman was hit by Calikhu-Huyen's arrow.
 By the time I got here, it was too late.

Untie the chains and the strange bandages!

 Calikhu-Huyen shouted.

Only you can return to the court and bring me the potion! You must break this commandment and promise to obey Calikhu-Fuen. Then bring me the courtesan Kataria. Her beauty is worthy of me.

"...... You're right, Lord Kalikhu-Feng.
"...... Chains were not a problem for you!
"...... You subhumans! Untie Lord Calikhu-Huyen's chains now!

 The soldiers began to rant.

The soldiers begin to rant. Or are you going to keep the Dragon Emperor in a state of suspended animation forever ......?

 ...... is a magic that puts you in a state of suspended animation.
 I didn't expect that.
 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

 The emperor... a young girl.
 It's certainly a pity to keep her in a state of suspended animation.
The Ten Wise Men took advantage of us, and now we've barely escaped. .......

No, wait. What proof do you have that you can bring me that potion?
"If you don't believe me, that's fine. If you don't believe me, that's fine, because the Dragon Emperor will only be in suspended animation for the rest of his life!

 Calikhu-Huyen is smiling happily while bound in chains.
 I continue.

"Even if you brought that potion, how do I know it's real?
Just ask the palace maid.
Can you tell the difference?
Yeah. It's a potion with a lot of magic in it. There is only one well in the court that contains water of concentrated magic. The potion is made from that water.

 Rich magical power?

You can't get water with that much magic in it!
How much magic is that?
Enough to power a golem for a day just by sprinkling it on it!
You seem to be frightened! That special water is something you cannot afford! You can only get it from Calikoo-Huen. ...... Hey . Where are you going? What are you going to do with all these soldiers tied up?
"Thank you for the information. Thanks for the information, but I'm leaving you here.

 I'll leave you here." I tied up the soldiers and told Calikoo-Huyen.

The courtesans and soldiers will come for you later. After that, I'll complain to you again.
"You're not seeing what I'm saying. To awaken the Dedicated Dragon Emperor, you need dense magic power. You can find it only in the land blessed by the first dragon emperor. ...... Are you really going to go there? I'm not sure. Are you sure? Hey, wait a minute. ............ talk to ............
"Prim, stay on schedule and contact any nearby soldiers. I'm going to meet up with Sylvia.
All right. Are the potions in the King's Vessel?
Yes. I'm going to wake up the Dragon Emperor first. Sylvia is probably worried about it.

 If Calikoo-Huyen's "blessing of the first Dragon Emperor" is referring to the magical power of the wards, then we can talk.
 It's also possible that the royal capital is a powerful magic spot.
 If that's the case, you may be able to awaken the Dragon Emperor with a magic potion in the Priority Enhancement Area.
 First, let's show the magic potion to the palace lady and have her check it.

"Awaken the flying species!
I'm awakening the Shougun Shi!


 Both Prim and I grew wings and took off for our respective destinations.