114 Episode 114 "Hegemony, Being 800000000000000000000...

"Welcome. Shoma-sama.

 At the destination of the magic circle, Sylvia in a dress was waiting for me.
 She pinched the hem of her dress and bowed deeply.

My father and sister ......, the Kittle family, have been waiting for you, Shoma.
"My father and ......, you too?
Yes. They all want to greet you, Mr. Shoma. Of course, we've kept the matter of the warding transfer secret.

 Sylvia put her finger to her lips in a "secret" pose.

I've told everyone that Shoma will be flying through the air at an invisible speed and will be in my room.
"No, at that speed, Sylvia's room will be blown up, right?

 Invisible speed is a cool thing in my opinion.
 At the time, I also researched shock waves and the sound barrier, and decided not to set up a super-fast flight.

"Lysette will be the witness. Lysette will testify that Brother Shoma flew unseen through the air and did all the details with his magic.
I'll testify to that as well. As your wife.

 Lysette and Sylvia laugh.
 ...... If it's okay with the people of this world, it's okay with me.

I don't think they'll mind. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the best out of it. If you're close to the First Dragon Emperor, you should be able to do something like that, right?
"A hint of the First Dragon Emperor: ......
"Are you dissatisfied?
I've got enough to do with The King of the Frontier and The High King of the Deformed. In addition to this, I'm not sure if you can call me the first Dragon Emperor .......
I'll help you with that.

 Sylvia took my hand.
 I'm not sure what to say, but I'll try.

I'm Shoma's ...... first queen, you know.
Where did you get that title?
We discussed it together. Of course, Lysette is with me.
Yes. So you can rely on me too, my dear.

 Then ...... Sylvia kissed my hand.
 Then she smiled shyly. To be honest, I'm embarrassed too.

I'm not sure what to say. Let's go see the Dragon Emperor for now. How's she doing?
"She's resting in her room. You look tired.
...... A little girl like that escaped all the way here.
His Majesty has a guest room on the top floor. The surrounding rooms will be used by the court ladies. I think it will make His Majesty feel more secure.
What will the ladies do now?

 Sylvia thought about Lisette's words for a moment and then said.

It's a good thing that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this. My father seems to think that you should be returned to the capital sooner or later.
"You mean that the Grand Guardian pushed the 'Dragon Emperor' Christia?
"...... That's right.

 I'm not sure what to say.
 This is what Prim predicted.

 But Sylvia doesn't seem to like it. I know.
It's because she knows the Dragon Emperor is a little boy.
 She's not comfortable with the idea of ...... fighting under his banner.

I'll take you to His Majesty then. You can rest here for a while until we're ready to meet.
Can I have a word with you first?
When this is over, I want Sylvia to come with me to the frontier.
Of course, of course. Is there something important you want to tell me?
Yes. I'd like to give Sylvia some new powers.
...... Thank you, sir. My king.
Lysette will tell you exactly what to do.
All right. Miss Lisette. I would appreciate your guidance.

 Lysette's face turned bright red.

"...... I understand. I'm sure you're not the only one.
I'm sure you're right. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one.

"Yes, I do. If I find out, I'll be ...... embarrassed about that .......
......? Yes, yes. Yes, I understand. See you later.

 Sylvia said, and left the room.

"......, brother.
I'm a writer, so I can't explain to you what you're writing.

 I asked Lysette to explain about the Royal Order of Merit.
 I can give abilities to my subordinates by writing on their bodies in the magical hot springs in the Priority Enhancement Area. I'm going to do the same thing to Sylvia.
 That's why I asked Lysette to explain it to me. .......

"Please don't talk about this before you meet the big man. It would remind you of ......
I'm sorry about that.
Of course, it wasn't a bad thing. It's just a part of being a wife. If you'd like to do it for Master Sylvia, ...... you can do it again for Lisette...

"Thank you for your patience. I'm ready now. ............ Oh, Lysette? Why are you hiding behind Shoma's back? Your face is very red. What's wrong with you? ......
It's nothing. ...... I'll be fine in a minute. ......
I'm sorry, Sylvia. Just wait a little while until Lysette calms down.
Yes, ma'am.

 Three minutes later, Lysette calmed down.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

"Your Majesty is waiting in this room. "My Lord of the Frontier.

 On the top floor of the castle, Sylvia's father and sister were waiting for her.
 Argos-Kitor, the father and lord of the castle, was still pale from being held captive in the Grand Protectorate of Gurtra for so long. But he's bowing to me at the door. The woman next to her is probably her eldest daughter, Mireina. She looks a little frightened, as usual.

"You saved the Kittle Realm. I'd like to thank you again for saving the Dragon Emperor.
"...... I only helped you out of a misunderstanding. It's nothing to be concerned about.

 I replied in "High King of the Deformed" mode.
 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
 Princess Myrna, standing next to him, did the same. Princess Llanes said ...... yes yes. You're afraid of the wall. You can look at the window. I'm sorry for the trauma.

"I hope you get well soon, Argos-Kitor, and support His Majesty. It'll make me feel better.
Thank you for your concern, Your Majesty.

 Argos-Kittle nodded.

I'm already feeling better. I'm already feeling better, and I'm prepared to intercept the Ten Sages.
That's good news.
Please let the King of the Frontier speak with you. He'd like that.
"...... Okay.

 I turned toward the double doors in the center of the top floor.
 This is the guest room. It's the room where the Dragon Emperor Christia is.

"Let's go. I am you.

 Sylvia grabbed my hand.
 It's a good idea to take a look at your own personal life, as well as the lives of your loved ones.

 After a while, the courtesan in front of the door announced, "Your Majesty is ready.

 The door slowly opened.
 I saw the Dragon Emperor, Christia, sitting by the window of the large room.

"Please come in. The King of the Frontier. And your relatives.

 Called by the courtesan Kataria, we stepped in front of the emperor of this country.

"First of all, I would like to thank you.

I'd like to thank you, first of all," the Dragon Emperor said.
 She spoke in a slurred tone.

The Dragon Emperor is sitting on a chair at the back of a large noble room.
 She has silver hair and pure white skin that looks like it has barely been exposed to the sun.
 She is wearing a dress very similar to Sylvia's. She may have borrowed it from her childhood.

 She is sitting comfortably in a plush chair, but her toes do not reach the floor.
 Her head does not even reach halfway up the backrest. You can see how young she really is.

"Thank you for saving me and my loved ones. "King of the Frontier.
We thank you, too.
"Thank you very much. "Thank you, King of the Frontier.

 Kataria, who was standing next to me, and the other courtesans bowed in unison.
 They all looked relieved.
They must be relieved that we've settled down in the territory of the Grand Patriarch of Kittle.

"And you don't have to kneel down, frontiersmen.

 Suddenly, Kristia said.

"Because you are not my subjects.
I understand.

 So, we'll just stand there.
 Sylvia tried to kneel, but I stopped her by pulling her arm.
 Let's just say that Sylvia is my wife and belongs to the frontier.

I've decided to take refuge with the Kittle family.

I've decided to move in with the Kittle family.

I've decided to take refuge with the Keeper of Kittle. If you can use my name, you can use it. I'm the emperor and I have to take care of my country. That's why I wanted to ask the Founder ...... and the King of the Frontier ...... to help me.
I'm aware of that.

 In addition to the ten wise men, there are reincarnated people in the capital who were summoned by the goddess Nemesis.
 Probably, ordinary soldiers can't fight against them.
 Let's use our walls as much as possible.

"The Ten Wise Men will probably attack to reclaim you. "Perhaps the Ten Wise Men will attack to reclaim the throne. The House of Keeper Kittle will intercept them. I'm going to help them. And if you'll allow me to send one of my people to guard you, ......
I want the King of the Frontier ...... to call me by my first name.

The Dragon Emperor is leaning on the armrest of his chair, staring at me.
 Is it my imagination? Her eyes seem to be shining.

He said, "You are the one who brought back the presence of the Founder. I am of the lineage of the Founder. And .......

 Christia's gaze caught Lisette's.

I can feel the presence of the Founder in you.
Do you recognize it?
"I do. I want you to call me by my first name.
...... Okay. Kristia.
"...... hehehe.

 Christia smiled like a child.
 No, I'm just a kid.

It's the first time I've ever seen you look this happy, .......
I'm glad I'm alive and ...... in the Kittle Keep.
"...... I'm glad you're alive. Your Majesty.

 Kataria, the other courtesans look happy.
 I can see what you've been through in King's Landing. .......

Let me back up.
When the Ten Wise Men attack, can I have one of my men as my escort?
Yes. ...... I'd be happy to.

 "Yes, I'd be happy to ." "The Dragon Emperor," Christia smiled, squirming.

I'll tell the Kittles that the King of the Frontier and his men are free to go.
And, ......, may I ask you a personal question for a change?
"Personal question?
I'd like to know more about the first Dragon Emperor.

 Last time we met, I could only hear bits and pieces.
 I'd like to know more about the first Dragon Emperor.

I'd like to know more about the first Dragon Emperor. Also, I'd like to know more about Christia's abilities.
"I can use the power of 'stagnation'. I can only use the power of stagnation. The power of fertility that the Founders used was not passed down to their descendants.
I'd like to ask about both of those powers, if possible.


 ...... Hmm?
 Christia's beckoning to me.

I'd like you to come a little closer.

 I do as she says and step forward a little.

"...... around here?
"Around here?
"...... Kataria.
Yes. Monsieur Christia.

 Kataria brings me a chair.
 It's right in front of Christia, almost knee to knee.

"There, please.
Are you sure you want to go to ......?
"I like it here.

 Christia said.
 I sat down in the chair in front of her.

 We were literally knee-to-knee.

I can feel a lot of gentle magic from you, King of the Frontier.

 "I feel a lot of gentle magic from the King of the Frontier," said Christia, pressing her chest.

I feel warmth when I'm around him. I've always lacked magic power.
Do you want a magic potion?
I'll take it later.
You're the emperor, aren't you, Christiania? I'm a lord of a province. I'm a lord of a province, and I'm not supposed to be this far away. ......
I told you. The frontiersmen are not my subjects.

 Cristia smiled, a look of sadness on her face.

And the King of the Frontier has the same magical power as the Founder. So it's like family to me.
...... You don't know about your parents, do you?

 Suddenly, Kataria said.

"That's why she thinks of the King of the Frontier as her father. That's why you think of the King of the Frontier as your father. The name 'Dragon Emperor' was also a symbol for the wise men to use. Master Christiania and her mother...
"Wait, Kataria. I want to tell the King of the Frontier about it.
"Excuse me, .......

 Kataria bowed and withdrew.

"Will you listen to me?

 Kristia put her hands on her knees and brought her face close to mine.
 She put her hands on her knees and brought her face close to mine, her big eyes looking right at me.

"Okay. I want to hear it.

 I nodded.

I nodded. "Tell me about the First Dragon Emperor, his power, ...... and, if possible, about Christia herself.
I understand. Can I have a potion to help me with my strength?
Yes. It's the same one I gave you last time.

 I took out a magic potion from the King's Vessel and gave it to Christia.
 She drank it down in one gulp and let out a satisfied sigh.

It's an amazing potion of magic. If I had a lot of these, ...... I'm sure I'd feel much better.
This is a potion that comes from a remote hot spring. I'll show you next time.
"Will the ...... King of the Frontier do something like that for me?
Of course.
Thank you, ....... I'm sure you'll be able to absorb magic very well together.

 Christia is smiling with a shy face.
 She seems to have been satisfied with my words. I'm glad.

 Then she took a deep breath, turned serious and said...

"Now, listen to me. The story of the founder and his descendant, the emperor...

 She began to tell the story of herself and her ancestors, little by little.