115 Episode 115 "The Legend of the First Dragon Empero...

 "The story of Kristia the dragon emperor...

 Let's talk about the founder.
 The one who became the first emperor of this country and ruled the world.

 This is a legend about the Founder, the first Dragon Emperor.
 It was told to me by my mother. ...... Please forgive me if there are any mistakes.

 As I told you before, the Founder was a person who awakened his skills by himself.
 He was born with a birthmark like a dragon on his body.
 That birthmark must have convinced him that he was blessed by the dragon.

 When the Founder was alive, there was a huge dragon living in this world.
 The dragon did not interfere with the human world, but only watched over it. The dragon had enormous magic power, but it was too old to have the skills to use it.

 At that time, the world was full of black demons.
 As you all know, they are very defensive and intelligent demons.
 They formed herds and oppressed the human world.

 In order to save the world, the Founder called himself the "Dragon Emperor" and stood up to save the people.
 But "Dragon Emperor" was just a temporary name.
 It is said that he initially called himself the "Invincible Dragon Emperor of the Absolute Seal God of Evil".

 ...... Huh? What's wrong? The King of the Frontier.
 I'm not sure why you're holding your head in your hands.

 Maybe you're moved?
 I like it too. It's called "Absolutely False God Invincible Dragon Emperor".
 However, his friends at the time stopped him and he ended up settling on the name "Dragon Emperor".

 ...... Why are you breathing a sigh of relief? "King of the Frontier".
 I'm not sure. Are you glad to have reasonable men around you?
 Yes, I am.
 It's said that everyone around the founder was a great vassal.

 After the Founder started his army, he went to the dragon in the deep mountains with the help of his friends.
 At that time, the Founder had trained himself to acquire the skills of Abundance and Stagnation, but his magical power belonged to others. He was not powerful enough to eliminate all the demons in the world.
 That's why he tried to borrow the dragon's magic.

 After overcoming many hardships, the Founder met the dragon.
 The dragon said.

"Very well. I'll give you my magic.

 The Founder replied.

"My purpose is to save the world. To annihilate the evil demons that shake the world and bring light back to mankind. I want you to lend me your power to make this wish come true. This is the truth of the creation of heaven and earth. My name is the 'Invincible Dragon Emperor of the Absolute Seal of Evil' - I wish to become the pillar that supports heaven and earth. And...

 What? How long will this name continue?
 The name calling alone accounts for half of the lore, so that's another 15 minutes.
 No, there's no particular meaning to the name.

 I see. You want me to fly you because your left arm is tingling. If you insist, Lord of the Frontier.
 I'll record it on a piece of parchment later.

 And so, after the Founder had said his name, the dragon said.

"Your will is well known.

 The dragon stretched out its long and large body, which covered the whole river, and looked down at the Founder.
 What the dragon said after that, even the Founder did not understand.
 The meaning of the dragon's words remained unknown - only the words were transmitted.

"Soon my time in this world will be up.
 Originally, I was not of this world. I came down here in the form of a dragon, curious about the human world.
 At the end of my life, my spirit will return to the 8th Heaven.
 I will return to my true form and be the watcher of this world.
 But if you wish for the world to be stable, I will leave only my magic in this world.
 My magic will flow through the earth and unite with the magic of the land to nourish the world.
 You can use it to save people and the world.

 It is said that the dragon's body melted into the earth in front of the Founder's eyes.
 After that, the magic of the earth was revitalized and the "Dragon Vein" was born.

 With this power, the first Dragon Emperor, the Founder, ruled this land.

 However, his power of fertility was not passed on to his descendants.
 My mother said it was because we had forgotten about the dragon.

 The power of stagnation I possess is the power to temporarily stop life.
 I can only put myself and others into a state of suspended animation.
 The descendants of the Dragon Emperor forgot the dragon and lost their power.

 Time passed, and soon the Ten Sages began their tyranny.
The Ten Wise Men used generations of emperors to find a way to connect with the magic of the earth.
 I and my mother, ......, have had our magic power sucked out of us by rituals since we were born.
 The Ten Sages must have thought that if they emptied the emperor's magic, the magic of the Dragon Vein would naturally be used to fill the void.

The "Dragon Emperor" is the name of my mother and me.
 The emperor was always supposed to be the same person.

 When a maidservant or courtesan completes her duties, her memory is erased by magic.

 That's why no one knew who the Dragon Emperor was.

 ...... What?

 Why didn't the dragon of the earth help me? Is it?
 I don't know about that.
 Maybe only the spirit went back to the 8th Heaven as I told the Founder.
 But I believe it.
 I believe that the dragon of the earth is watching over us no matter what form we take.

 Because the one who inherited the power of the Founder is here like this.
Lord of the Frontier.
 Sooner or later, I will defeat the Ten Wise Masters together with the Keeper of Kittle, and return to the court.
 Until then, will you please stay with me?

 I want to be with someone who has the same spirit as the Founder and live a normal ...... life as a girl.
 This is the wish of the Dragon Emperor, Christia. Can you please make it happen?

 Shoma's point of view...

 I'm sure you'll be able to understand what I'm talking about.

 ...... Well...

Can I ask you a question?
Yes. Anything.
In the lore, is the name of the dragon of the earth mentioned?
I'm sorry. It was a long time ago. ......

 I guess.
 Anyway, we know there was a giant dragon in this world.
 It seems that the dragon melted into the earth and became the current "dragon vein".
 The dragon emperor used its magical power to rule the world.
 But the power was not passed on to his descendants, the emperors. Maybe that's because the Dragon Emperor awakened on his own. It seems that his descendants, who were not as sick as the first dragon emperor, could not use their power.

 What's curious is what the dragon left behind.

I am not of this world. I am not of this world. I came down as a dragon because I was curious about the human world.
"At the end of my lifespan, my spirit will return to the Eighth Heaven.
"I will return to my true form and become the watcher of this world.

It's probably just a coincidence that "the eighth heaven" is a line from ....... If not, that's a problem.
 The problem is the part about "I will return to my original form and become the watcher of this world.

 This world is being interfered with by three goddesses, Nemesis, Gloria, and Phine.
 These three goddesses are reincarnating people from my world into this world.
 And Goddess Rukia, who reincarnated me into this world, is not one of those three goddesses.
 She told me that summoning me to this world was a mistake.
 But is that true?
 What if the spirit of the dragon that was in this world is watching over this world?

 Maybe it's close enough to the goddess to have had a hand in my summoning.
 No, it's also possible that the goddess Rukia is the spirit of the dragon that was in this world.
 A goddess who loves humans could have descended and lived in the form of a life form in this world. However, there was a time limit for higher beings to exist as life forms, and eventually they had to return to the heavenly realm. Then, the first Dragon Emperor appeared.
 The goddess who gave him power and returned to the heavens did not want another goddess to interfere with this world, and decided to give the Great Destiny oracle to the deformed High King, the Demon Dragon King Shouma, in another world. In other words, the mission assigned to the Demon Dragon King Shouma is the oracle of the Goddess.

 Oh no... My imagination's gone too far.
 You're getting way ahead of yourself.

 And the story of the first dragon emperor may not have been accurately passed down to the present day.
 It's been a long time since the first dragon emperor died.

I see your point. Christia.

 What I can tell you now is that the "Dragon Emperor" Christia has had a very hard time.
 She needs some time to calm down.
 If that's the case, well, it's only natural that I, who's apparently close to the first Dragon Emperor, should take care of her.  

"Then I'll take you to the frontier. I'll take you to the frontier and you can relax there until the time comes for you to fight the Ten Sages.
"......, King of the Frontier.
In the frontier, there is the Dragon Emperor's Mausoleum, which is said to have been built by the first Dragon Emperor. I'll show you around. Besides, this Lisette is of the Dragon Emperor's blood.

 I pulled Lysette who was standing behind me to me.
 I pulled her to sit next to me.

"Huh? I'm not sure what to say.
"This Lisette is like a relative of Christia. I'm sure you'll get along.
Yes, yes. Although it is a distant relative, Lisette is a distant relative of the Dragon Emperor.

 Lysette, you're getting tense.
 I'm going to have you take care of the Dragon Emperor as my main.
 I think you should relax a little first.

"Yes. There's a hot spring in the middle of nowhere that's full of magic. You and Lysette should have a good back scrub. Also, our neighbor, Princess Carol of Gurutra, is a Dragon Emperor fanatic. I'm sure she'll show off some weird dance moves in front of Kristia. I'm sure she'll have fun with everyone...or will she?

 I was so busy talking that I didn't notice.
 I was so busy talking that I didn't notice that she was crying.

...... Thank you, thank you.

 Christia wiped her eyes and said.

"I'm glad ....... "The King of the Frontier.
"The frontier is only a short distance away. I'll take you there whenever you want.

 If you're dealing with Cristia, you may want to use a ward transfer.
 It originally belonged to her ancestors, so let's use it to get to the frontier at once.

 I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that.
 Since we're going out of our way, I think we should ask Christia to join us.
 I don't know if that's a good idea because Lysette is going to collapse from nervousness.

So please, enjoy your life in the frontier to your heart's content.

 I took Christia's hand and said.
The Harpies will tell us what the Ten Wise Men are up to. Sylvia will give us more information.
 Until the real battle begins, let's let Christia relax.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you out. Your Majesty.

 So we took the Dragon Emperor, Christia, and returned to the frontier.