117 Episode 117 "The 1st Christian Welcome Plan (2)"

The day after the welcome party.
 Haruka and I went to Christia's house.

"What the...? Brother. I can hear you singing.
That's a beautiful voice. ...... I wonder who it is.

 The clear voice was coming from inside the house.
 The walls that make up the house seem to be listening in rapt attention (subjective).

"Good morning. Christia.
"I came to check on you. Are you awake?

 I knocked on the door, and Kataria, the courtesan, or maid of honor, came out.
 She looks refreshed. Looks like she slept well.

"Good morning. Mr. King of the Frontier. Master Haruka.
Good morning. Is Kristia awake yet?
Yes. She jumped up as soon as the sun came up and told me about last night.

 Kataria bowed deeply to me.

I've never seen you so happy before. Thank you very much. I'm so glad that I met you ...... and that you brought me to the frontier .......
How's Christia doing?
She's singing a very nice song.

 Shh," said Kataria, putting her finger to her lips.
 When I enter the house, I can hear her singing.
 I can't make out the lyrics because I'm whispering, but it's ...... Christia's voice.

It's ...... Christia's voice. She likes to sing, but she's too shy to be heard.
It's a shame. She has a beautiful voice.
...... Because of the Ten Wise Men, Your Majesty has been treated as an impersonal being. Because of the Ten Wise Men, His Majesty has been treated as an impersonal being, who should not sing for pleasure.

 Kataria's face turned bitter.

But now that she's on the frontier, she can sing as much as she wants. Thanks to the King of the Frontier.
"...... You have a really beautiful voice.

 Haruka is also listening to the voice, enraptured.
 The voice is so faint that you have to listen very carefully to hear it.
 It's the kind of voice that makes your heart skip a beat when you listen to it. ......

I've been singing for a long time," she said. She said she had written a song that she loved and she wanted us to hear it.
I see.
Oh, yeah.
She told me that she learned a wonderful song at the party last night...
Sorry. I just remembered something.
What? Where are you going?

 Let me go, Haruka. It's for later.
 Why do I have to listen to that song all morning?

 Isn't that the song Kristia learned yesterday... the "High King of the Deformed"?

"Welcome! The King of the Frontier!

 There were footsteps coming and going, and then Christia arrived.
 She's out of breath, probably from singing all the time.
 She was wearing a child's nightgown that the villagers had provided for her. Her long hair is tied up with the same hair clip as Lisette's. Dressed in the same clothes as the villagers, she really looks like a child of her age.

"Thank you for yesterday!

 Christia shook my hand with a look of excitement on her face.

"I've never had such a good night in my life!
"Oh, I see. That's good.
I'm glad. I'm happy for you, Kristia.
Hey! I'm sorry. I fell asleep in the lap of the King of the Frontier. ...... I feel so at home with you. ...... So...
"Don't worry about it. If it makes you feel more relaxed, so be it.
Oh, yes. Thank you very much.

 Christiane bowed her head.

So, you've heard my ...... voice, right? Actually, I love to sing. ......

"Oh, really?
Normally, I have Kataria and all the courtesans listen to me, but ...... I would like the King of the Frontier and his family to listen to me as well. ......
...... Oh, really?
Then I'd like to hear some songs that the frontier people don't know.
...... What?
There are a lot of unsophisticated songs in the frontier, so I think it would be good if we could listen to the songs that Christia knows and then compare our songs.
"What? I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll help.

 I hurriedly held Haruka's mouth.
 Sorry. I'll be quiet for a minute.

I understand! I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.
Something like that.
"As expected of the King of the Frontier. Your willingness and creativity to constantly create new things has enriched this village. ......

 Kristia's hands are clasped in prayer, her eyes glittering.
 She seemed convinced.

So, what are your plans for today?
"If she's feeling well, I'd like to show her around the frontier. What do you think?
We'll see the fields, our hunting grounds, the river where we fish, and the hot springs!
I'd love to!

 Okay. That's what we'll do today.
 Kristia is happy, and Kataria is nodding her head.
 I think it's safe to take her. Physically.

"We've prepared breakfast with ingredients from the village. The King of the Frontier and my sister-in-law are welcome to join us.
"Thank you. I'll have some.

 When I said that, the wall between the entrance and the living room opened up a space for the four of us to walk through, side by side.
 So me, Haruka, and Kristia ate breakfast together...
 Afterwards, we decided to go on a tour of the frontier.

Here are the fields of Hazama Village!
"...... Wow.

 Christia's eyes widened as she saw the fields to the north of the village.
 This is a large arable field that was created by clearing the surrounding forest.
 She had seen it from the carriage when she came to the village, but it seemed to be a different experience when she actually stepped into it.
 A field of wheat spread out in front of her.
 The ears of wheat were swaying like waves in the morning breeze.
 Beyond that are fields of "fulala beans" and "khororo maize".
 Both are about to be harvested.

I had no idea there was so much farmland in the ...... frontier.

 Kataria, the maid of honor, was also surprised.

"...... I can't believe what I'm seeing. A frontier is a thin, sparsely populated area, but I never knew there was so much rich farmland. ......
"Is this the power of the magic of the earth? The king of the frontier.

 I nodded in response to Kristia's question.
The land where the dragon vein is activated, the crops will grow very well.
 In the frontier, we can already harvest wheat and beans three times a year.
 Sylvia and Princess Carol have been reporting that their crops are growing 1.5 times faster than before. Sylvia said.

 Sylvia said, "With the amount of crops we've harvested recently, we can stay in the castle and fight for a year. I don't think I can defeat you in a siege.

 If Sylvia was right and the Kittle family fought a siege, there would be no shortage of food.
They can bring in as much as they want from the frontier with the "ward transfer.
 We also have a large stockpile of food.
When the Ten Sages attack, we will provide the Kittle family with food and weapons.

The Founder's power, the Dragon Vein, had the power to make crops grow. ......

 While looking at the wheat field, Christia sighed.

I'm not sure what to say. It doesn't just make the crops grow better, you know?
What do you mean? What do you mean. ...... Haruka-sama?
You'll see. My sister Liz was preparing to show it to you, Christia.

 I'm sure you'll understand.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.

"Oh, here he comes. Brother.

 Haruka waved his hand across the meadow.
 From the other side came...

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

 A large number of "soldiers of will" and a flock of sheep.
"Hey, hey! I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

 Lysette is shouting and chasing a flock of sheep with the Soldiers of Will.
 The flock is made up of livestock that have been raised on the frontier.
 Surrounding them are the sheep fence troops, who are in charge of herding the sheep.

 Incidentally, here is the second group of the "Sheep Fence Unit".
 The first army is a little further south in the grasslands, under the control of the man-made creature Milva.

"Sorry, sir. I'm sorry, sir. The fences came at great speed, pining for you. I'm sorry if I'm being rude to you. ......
No, don't worry about it.

 Christia looked at the fenced-in sheep with a curious look on her face.

I've never seen a Mayo up close before. ...... They're big creatures, aren't they?
"No, Miss Christia. I thought most sheep were smaller. I doubt there are any sheep this big anywhere but in the middle of nowhere.
"Is that so? Kataria.
Yes. The sheep raised near the capital were thin and their wool was thin. But these sheep...
"...... is so fluffy.
"Meh, meh, meh.

 The sheep are peeking out over the fence (which is short because it's for grazing sheep).
 When Kristia approaches them with trepidation, they happily lick her hands.
 The sheep's bodies are wrapped in ...... soft, puffy wool.
 To put it bluntly, they look like they have Afro hair all over.

 The land of the frontier is filled with the magic of the "dragon vein".
 That's why there's an abundance of crops. ...... It seems that the sheep that ate the grass that grew there were also affected by the magic.
 Because of this, the sheep became full of wool and had Afro hair all over their bodies.
 The sheep don't seem to mind it, and they don't seem to have any problem living, so I've left them alone.

 Incidentally, the cloth knitted from the wool of these sheep (Mayo) is very elastic and strong.
I'm thinking of exporting it to the south after the battle with the Ten Wise Men is over.

"Well, well, well. "My Lord of the Frontier.
What is it, Kristia?
...... Is it okay if I touch these sheep?
I think it's safe, but ...... wait a minute.

 I'm gonna take some safety precautions.

Listen to me. This girl is a newcomer to the frontier, and she's an important guest.
"The guest wants to touch you. Anyone who is willing to be touched, please step forward.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey! "Hey, hey, hey!
"Hey! "Meh! "Meh!" "Meh!" "Meh!
It's not the fence that I want to touch, it's the sheep. ...... So, you're the quietest, smallest, and fluffiest. The fences changed their formation. Just give me one sheep.
I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 The fence around the sheep changes formation and only lets one sheep out.
 To tell the truth, I've never really touched a sheep before.
 I've never touched a sheep before, but I've been talking to the "soldiers of will" who manage the sheep, and I've come to understand them. It may be my imagination, but...

Are you sure you don't want me to touch you?
It's okay. Here.

 Haruka patted the sheep on the back and a happy voice came back.
 Christia is staring at the sheep, squeezing the hem of her skirt.
 Lysette and Kataria are ...... looking at each other as if they are watching a child start to walk. And they're cheering in a whisper. I know how you feel.

"Well, ...... then.

 As if she had made up her mind, Kristia approached the sheep...

"Whoa, whoa.

 She fell.
 I hurriedly reached out to her.


 At the same time, the sheep catches her with its body.
 She's in the fluffy wool.
 Because I grabbed her hand, she flips around and falls on her back.

"It's fluffy. This is a sheep. ......
It's warm. ...... I've never touched one before. I can touch ...... animals too. ......

 Kristia sat down on the ground and reached out to the sheep from the front.


 The sheep licked her hand, flattening it.
 She thought about it for a moment, then stretched out her arms and hugged the sheep.

Master Christiania. You're ruining my dress.
It's fine. Kataria. And ...... I can feel the magic of the earth when I do this.
"...... the magic of the earth?

 When I asked her about it, she nodded towards me.

These sheep are raised on grass that contains good magic. I can see it clearly when I hold them like this. It's a beautiful magic. It's like a gentle song. ...... We need to feel the magic of the earth more. ......
"Dear Cristia: ...... Oh! You can't! Don't roll on the ground!
That's right. Christia. Don't roll on the bare ground.
Is that so?
It's uncomfortable. You should roll on the grass. On your back, like this.
Yes, sir. Mr. Harka.

 Halka and Kristia lie down side by side.
 Haruka then claps her hands at the soldiers of will surrounding the sheep.
The soldiers of will looked at me.
 I felt like I knew what Haruka was thinking.
 ...... Oh well...

"Okay. Let the sheep out.
That's my brother. You know exactly what I'm thinking.
I'm glad you're here, .......

"Meh, meh, meh, meh.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'd like to know what you think.
 The sheep lay down on their sides.
 Haruka and Kristia are surrounded by fluffy wool, closing their eyes as if they feel good.

"Ah! The sheep are licking your arms, and your dress and hair are licking ...... the sheep. You'll have to take a bath later. ......
"...... d*mn you, Haruka.

 I'm not sure what to make of that.

 Christia is happy to be surrounded by fluffy sheep.
 I guess Christia likes beautiful things like songs and soft, cute things.
 She's rolling around on the grass, petting the sheep, and smiling.

We'll have a bath later. Lysette, are you ready for the spa?
Yes. Brother Shoma. I've talked to everyone in the village about this being for Lysette and Christia's use only today, but I'm going to check ...... to make sure.
I'm sure you'll be fine. I'll take you when you're satisfied with your fluff. Kataria, please bring a change of clothes for Christia.
"Very well, sir. "King of the Frontier.
There's no need to rush.

 It's going to take some time before Christia ...... and Haruka are satisfied.

It's ...... fluffy.
Do you have a favorite sheep? I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
...... She's so fluffy, it would be a pity to take away her wool.
Oh, I guess so.

 Roll, roll, roll.
 Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy.

I've brought you a change of clothes, Miss Christia.
I've also confirmed the reservation for the spa. And I brought you some snacks from the village.
All right. Well then, let's get going.

 With that, I clapped my hands lightly.
 The flock of sheep that had surrounded Haruka and Kristia scattered.
 The two in the herd...

"...... You're sleeping.
"You're sleeping well.
"Dear Christia, you're sleeping peacefully. ......

 On the grass, Haruka and Kristia were sleeping together.
 Their clothes and hair are covered in grass, but they look comfortable.

I'm sorry to wake you up. I'll carry Haruka on my back. Lysette, take care of Christia.

Yes, sir. Brother.

 In my normal state, I'm not confident in my strength. So I'll awaken the demon species and carry Haruka on my back.
 Next to me, Lisette is carrying Kristia.
 I'll ask Kataria to carry a change of clothes and a snack.

Thanks for the fence. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
"............ Hey.
"............ meh meh meh.

 He replied in a whisper, probably so as not to wake them.
 And so the Soldier of Will and the sheep returned to the meadow.

 A walk to a hot spring in the middle of nowhere.

I felt the magic of the ...... earth. ...... It felt good. ......

 Christia murmured behind Lisette's back.

 I see.
 I'm glad you enjoyed it.

But it's a shame. ...... If I had more magic power, ...... my 'stagnation' power would be ......
"The power of stagnation. ......

 I looked at Kataria.

This is the power that put Christia in a state of suspended animation when she escaped from King's Landing, right?
Yes. His Majesty had so little magic power that he could barely put himself in a state of suspended animation.
Could the first Dragon Emperor have used more power?
Yes, he did. It is said that the first Dragon Emperor used the power of Stagnation to stop a large number of arrows from flying towards him.

 That's amazing.
 If you have that kind of power, you might be able to easily drive back the Ten Sages even if they attack you.

If you have ...... magic power, my power will also overflow .......

 Christia continued to talk in her sleep.
 And then...

If I had enough magic power, I could ...... make the power of stagnation available to the king of the frontier. ......

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the best out of it.