118 Episode 118 "Hegemony, Under the Guidance of Crist...

 After the farm tour, I decided to take everyone to the hot springs.
 Because Christia and Haruka were covered in sheep wool and grass.

 The remote hot spring is located near a rocky mountain.
 It is surrounded by forest, so it is not visible to the public.
 Cristia and the others should be able to enter without worry.

 So, Christia, who was frightened by the magical hot water, decided to let Haruka and Kataria take a bath, and I moved to the shade of a nearby tree.
 While the three of them were taking a bath, I decided to keep watch.

"I'm sorry, Lysette, but you'll need to bring a change of clothes and towels for the three of us, and a cloth to wipe ourselves with.
"Yes, sir. Brother Shoma.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

It's ...... soothing to be like this.

 I sat down on the grass and looked up at the sky.
 The sky, seen through the branches, was clear and cloudless.
 The wind is warm and pleasant.
 It is a good thing to be in the middle of nowhere, to be able to relax like this without worrying about being seen.

By the way, Christia said that she couldn't even see the sky in the capital.

 It seems that when she was in the court, she was forbidden to even go near a window.
 She was forbidden to even go near the window because someone might see her.

The Ten Sages claim that the Dragon Emperor is a mysterious being.
 Therefore, his appearance and age must be kept secret.
 It is forbidden to expose their appearance in public.

 In addition, the courtesans who served the emperor were also subject to strict rules.

 One. No matter how close you are to the emperor, you will be dismissed after a certain period of time.
 One. When you are dismissed, your memory of the emperor will be erased by a special magic.
 One. During the period of employment, the courtesan is not allowed to leave the court.

 All of these rules were established to reduce the number of allies of Christia and to allow the Ten Sages to control her.

 In order to rescue her, Kataria and the rest of the court ladies decided to make an escape plan.
 That's why the Dragon Emperor is here now.
She is taking a relaxing bath in the hot springs, out of the reach of the Ten Sages.

I hope she and Kataria are enjoying their lives here.

 When I close my eyes, I hear a voice.
 I'm pretty sure the three of them are relaxing in the hot springs...

"...... hmm. It's so relaxing.
"Your Majesty... no, Master Christiania. Your hair is untied. Please turn your back to me so I can tie it back up.
Let's make a right and left bun. I'll be on the right and you'll be on the left.

Please do. Please. Kataria, may I join you? Let's begin!
Miss Kristia!
Here we go! That's it, that's it!

Mmm. This is fun. ......
Oh, my God, Haruka. Dear Christiania. ......
What? I'm confused. ......?

 ......3 You guys seem to be having fun.

"King of the Frontier. Are you there?

 Cristia called me.

"I'm here. How can I help you? Cristia.
I just wanted to thank you. Thank you so much for bringing me here.

 A relaxed voice came from the hot springs.

This hot spring is wonderful. ...... When you soak in it, the magic seems to seep into your body.
It's a hot spring full of magic.
Is that so?
Yeah. This hot spring is the source of the magic potion that Christia drank.
The source of the potion I drank?
The water that comes out of the walls is used as a potion. It's so clean you can drink it straight from the bottle.
Would you mind if I tried ......?
At .............

 I heard Christia stand up in the hot water.
 Then, a moment later.

"...... This water. It's got a lot of magic in it.

 Sigh, sigh, sigh.

It's mellow, ...... mellow, ...... like being embraced by a lump of magic. ...... This is the magic of the earth, isn't it? It's really the magic that seems to overflow from this body. ......
It's amazing! I'm not sure what to do.

 Did you take in magic power and it changed your body?

"Dear Kristia. First, please get out of the bath and put on your clothes. Then let's have the King of the Frontier check on the situation.
"Yes, sir.

 I heard the three of them getting out of the bath.
 Just then, Lisette came back with a change of clothes. Good timing.

 I'll wait here until the three of them finish getting ready.

"...... Sorry for the wait. "Dear King of the Frontier.

 In front of me, there was Christia, dressed in the clothes of a village girl.
 Her body was glowing with a faint light.
 It's the same golden light as hot spring water. This is ......

Is Christia's body overflowing with magic ......?
Yes. My health is also improving. My body is warm and ...... warm, and I feel as if all the ...... nutrition that I lacked is now flowing through me.

 Kristia is flailing her limbs in the air.
 She's rolling her shoulders in circles, stomping her feet on the spot - and smiling happily.

Normally I get tired after moving around a bit, but ...... now, my body is full of strength. I feel like I can run like a normal child. ...... Wow.
It's like the lack of magic has been lifted.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

But why is your body glowing?
I'm still too small to ...... absorb the magic, but it seems to be overflowing.

 Christia clenched her fists.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
"The power that put Christia in suspended animation?
That's what happens when you use it on yourself. I can also create a wall of magical power.

 Christiania put her arms out in front of her.
 Kataria said, "Step away from me," so we stepped away from her.

 The golden light gets stronger.
 She stomped her feet on the ground, her hands outstretched...

"In the name of the Founder... 'Stagnate'!

 He announced to the space in front of him.
 In the name of the Founder, 'Stagnation'!

I'm not sure what to do.

 Kataria picked up a stone and threw it at her with a pop.
 The stone touched the magical barrier and was thrown back.

A magical barrier.
It's not a ward. It's a physical barrier.
It's amazing! It's so hard!

 Even when Haruka hits it with his fist, the magical barrier doesn't budge.
 It's quite powerful.

So this is the power of stagnation.
It's a small power. It creates a wall of magic power and stagnates it - in other words, it keeps it from moving.

 Cristia lowered her arm.
 The wall of magic disappeared, and the light in her body also disappeared.

The power of Stagnation can be used on yourself to put yourself into a state of suspended animation. If you use it on the space in front of you, it will create a 'wall of immobile magic power' in that area. It's a very strong wall of magic .......
I see. ...... So it's like creating a dimensional crevasse in space-time. It uses magic to separate a portion of space from the surrounding space so that it cannot be interfered with. That's why arrows and magic can't penetrate it. A magical space-time rupture (dimension wall) - it's a space interference (spatial hacking), so it consumes a lot of magic (high mana cost)...

 I panicked and held my mouth.
 Watch out, watch out.
 I was about to let my chuunibyou delusions run wild.

 These days, it's easy to lose the limiter. I have to be careful. ......

The King of the Frontier: ......

 The next thing I knew, Kristia was looking at me with a twinkle in her eye.

"What you just said is the same explanation I heard from my mother. You understand the power of ...... stagnation better than I do. ......
Did Brother Shoma instantly understand the power of the Dragon Dedicatee ......?
I had no idea what they were talking about.
"You are a fearsome man, ......, King of the Frontier.

 I'm not sure what to do.

...... Anyway, I understand that the art of stagnation consumes a lot of magic power.

 I'm not sure what to say.

The reason why Christia's body was glowing was because it was flooded with the magic of the earth, right? And the power of stagnation consumed that magic power, so it returned to normal, right?
"That's right. It seems that because I am small, I could not fully absorb the magic power of the earth. When you are a little bit bigger, you will be able to take in enough magic power and use more power.
"There's nothing wrong with her body, right?

 When I asked, Christia bowed her head and said.

"Thank you for your concern. I have no problems at all. In fact, I'm much healthier. Just .......
Well, if you go to the hot springs at night, the light might make your clothes transparent.
I guess I should use the Stagnation technique to consume my magic power then.
Yes. ......
That was a lot of power, by the way. ......

 It was as if Christia had created a wall of magical power right in front of her.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 As a defense, it is a very strong power.

I believe the King of the Frontier can use the same power. I'll show you.
"...... What?
I'll replenish your magic. Please wait a moment.

 Christia takes out a leather bag and dips into the hot spring with her clothes on.
 You'll be able to find a lot more information on the web.
 Also, Christia's body begins to glow.

"Cristia. Don't do anything rash.
It is my duty to teach the King of the Frontier the art of the Founder.

 Kristia comes back to me, wringing her wet clothes.
 She smiles, a drop of water dripping from her hair.

She laughs, water droplets dripping from her hair, "You've been so welcoming. Please let me at least return the favor.
"......, change as soon as you're done. Do you mind?
Yes! "My Lord of the Frontier.

 I looked at Kataria and she nodded, ...... "It can't be helped.
 Lysette and Haruka have clothes and a cloth to wipe themselves with so they can change quickly.
 It can't be helped.
 I'll teach her as soon as possible so that she doesn't catch a cold.

First of all, please extend your hand towards me.
"...... like this?

 She did as she was told and placed her own hand on it.
 It was a small hand. It was warm, probably because she had just been in the hot springs.

 When I rescued her, her body temperature was low and she was shivering slightly.
 Maybe he's gotten a little healthier since coming to the frontier. ...... That's a relief.

You should be able to feel the magic flowing from my body.
"...... Christia's magic.

 I close my eyes and take a deep breath.
 I close my eyes and take a deep breath. A soft heat flows into my body.
 This is the magic of CHRISTIA.

"...... is amazing. The King of the Frontier's ability to absorb magic power is .......
Brother Shoma was once trained to absorb magic in places where magic was scarce!
After training in ways we can't even imagine, there is the High King of Odd Formations, you know, .......

 Don't explain. And don't even imagine it. Cristia will take it seriously.
 If you open your eyes, you'll see ...... that she's looking at you with a huge glint in her eye.

I respect you. I was about to give up on ...... everything when my magic was taken away, but you were able to improve yourself even in the same situation. ......
I'm sure you'll be able to tell me how to do that! Dear Christia!
Wait. Let me explain.

 I haven't told Christia that I'm from another world yet.
 I'll explain it to her later.
 If I don't, the training methods to become the "High King of the Different Forms" may spread with the Emperor's approval. That's dangerous.

"You're teaching me the art of stagnation now, right? Concentrate.
Oh, right. Now, ......, imagine the flow of time.

 Christia became serious.

"Feel the eternal flow of time from the beginning to the end of the world. Visualize it loosening around you.

"...... the passage of time?
Yes. Technically, stagnation is the art of interfering with the laws of physics, but my mother taught me that it's easier to imagine ...... time.

 Imagine time.
 ...... It's hard. I think it's like stopping the hands of a clock.
 I've practiced the ability to stop time by declaring something in the original world.

 But the power of "stagnation" is different from that.
 It doesn't stop time, it slows it down.
 It's not that easy for me to visualize.

"Please listen with your eyes closed. What is your vision of the beginning of the world?

 The beginning of the world as I imagine it...

 It happened when the creator god emerged from the void and germinated the seed that created all universes. The primordial seed, which contained everything, spread explosively and created the heavenly world and the human world. After creating the world, the creator god left for another time and space, leaving only legends behind. However, the gods in the heavens, from the lowest level of the first heaven to the highest level of the eighth heaven, continue to observe the human world and the demon world, and sometimes intervene.

"Did you get the picture? The King of the Frontier.
"Thank you for calling out to me at ....... I almost went off the rails. ......
What? Oh, yes. You're welcome.
Well, I think I've visualized the beginning of the world.
Now let's imagine the end of the world...
No, I think it's time to stop.
...... I would like to share the power of Stagnation with you, King of the Frontier.

 Christia's tone changed.
 I am the emperor of this land.

I'm the emperor of this country, but I've done nothing for the world. But if I can pass on this power to the King of the Frontier, who will inherit the power of the Founder, it may be for the good of the world. Please let me continue .......

 I can't help it. .......

"Okay. Then continue.
Okay. So, the end of the world as imagined by the King of the Frontier...

 The End of the World, the end of time and space.

 It was the end of the struggle between the goddesses in the heavens.
 The Goddess of the Eighth Heaven invokes the Creator God and tries to bring everything to nothing. The goddess of the seventh heaven opposes this, and in order to protect the human world, she wants the strongest of them all, the High King, to join her.
 However, the power of the "High King of the Different Forms" was too strong.
 The barriers that protect the heavens are destroyed by his power, and the battle of the goddesses becomes chaotic. In the end, the High King, who controls the five powers, has transformed himself into a force that can control even the universe. ............ You know what, Christia? It's time for you to stop. I'm not sure what to do. If I don't stop soon, I'm in danger of not being able to get back!

Please add the image of stopping it between its beginning and end. Or add an image to loosen it up.

 I heard Christia's voice.
 That was a close one.
 I knew I had to take a risk in order to inherit great power.
 I now understand that it is dangerous to carelessly try to awaken the power. I'll be careful next time. Yeah.

 Anyway, should I add the image of holding back the flow of time?

 ...... with a sword to cut off the goddess who plots the end of the world.

 Without the Goddess of the Eighth Heaven, the apocalypse will never come.
 For example, a great sword that can reach the heavens would be good.
 I'm imagining it cutting through the world...

"...... Then I'll let go.

 Kristia lets go and moves away from me.
 And then.

"Put your magic into the image of stopping the flow of time. All you have to do is say the word 'stagnation'.
"Pour the magic power into .......

 What, you want me to put magic on this sword? Are you okay?
 I'm getting a real image of a huge sword in my head.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

 ...... For now, let's keep the magic power low.
 Pour magic power into the "great sword that cuts off the world" in the image... and

"Activate. Stagnation.

 The response was like a knife in butter.
 When I opened my eyes, ...... a wall of magical power had formed right there.

 The thickness and height of the wall is about the same as that of an ordinary fence.
 I've been building a lot of walls lately, so it seemed to reflect that image.

 When you touch it with your finger, it feels hard.
 If you throw a stone at it, it will be thrown back at .......

 So this is the wall of space caused by stagnation.

It works! That's the king of the frontier. I can't believe it. I can't believe he succeeded in just one attempt. ......

 Christia looked at the wall of magical power and sighed.

It seems to be larger and ...... more defensive than the one I created. I'm sure this is the official wall of stagnation. I'm sure this is the official wall of stagnation. The Founder, the first Dragon Emperor, must have used this power to protect himself.
"I see. ......

 It's a really sturdy looking wall.
You're creating a motionless space by stagnation. This.
 It seems to be stronger than our "soldiers of will" in terms of defense.

 And it can be created suddenly.
 I wonder how many I can create with my magic.

"'Stagnate,' 'Stagnate,' 'Stagnate,' 'Stagnate...
Wow. That's amazing. The wall of magic power is increasing. ......

 I tried to create many walls of glowing magic around the hot spring.
 There are 12 of them.
 I think I can use them to blindfold the hot springs.

"Christia, can I ask you something?
"Yes. What is it?
This wall of stagnation is created by enclosing space with magic, right?
You're right.
That means that the space contains air, right?
...... That's right.
"Then this wall of stagnation is a wall that contains air, ......, so it can be called a wall of atmosphere.
Yes. Yes, but... What does that ...... mean?

 Kristia is puzzled.
 Lysette and Haruka are clapping their hands.
 That's my brother and sister-in-law. I think they know what I'm thinking.

"Activate. Naming Breath.

 I touched the wall of stagnation and activated the skill.

"In the name of the Demon Dragon King, I give thee a new name. "You are a wall of air, made of magic.
"Atmospheric walls?
"King of the Frontier"? What do you intend to do?

 Christia and Kataria are surprised.

 I touch the wall of magic around me and feel what's inside.
 I know it when I touch it. The walls of "Stagnation" contain air.

 The twelve walls are the walls that surround the hot spring.
The wall of stagnation is definitely also the wall of the atmosphere.

The wall of stagnation is definitely also the wall of the atmosphere. Turn the walls of the atmosphere into soldiers of waiting! Become a soldier of magic and continue to protect people. Naming Breath!

A line of light ran across the surface of the atmospheric barrier.

"............ air ...... hey!
Good. It worked.

 The magic wall replied.
 I clapped my hands, and they glowed gold and showed clearly.
 I clap my hand again, and this time it becomes invisible. Convenient.

 This is the newly created frontier force, the "Air Fence," or the "Standby Force.
It is extremely hard because it uses the spatial fault caused by stagnation.

 However, since the words you give it are "waiting," it cannot move.
 At most, it can knock down or tilt the body.
 In other words, it is for defense only.

 But unlike "soldiers of will," they can be created on the spot.
 If I train it, I may be able to create a larger wall in the future.
It will be a great advantage in the fight against the Ten Sages.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
I'm not sure what to make of that.
I think this 'army on standby' will be a great help in defending our territory. With practice, you may be able to create a larger barrier, and if you use it as a standby army, you will have a much better chance of advancing the battle. ......
"......, King of the Frontier.

 It came out of nowhere.
 Christia knelt down in front of me.

I'd like to serve you, sir.
"...... Yes?
"Please, sir. Please allow me to pledge my allegiance to you.
No, isn't the emperor Cristia's ......?
For all intents and purposes, yes.

 Cristia took my hand.
 She took my hand in her small hand and held it in hers, then kissed the back of my hand. ...... What are you doing?

I'm going to rule this country as emperor. But I want the King of the Frontier to be the true lord that I serve. If the emperor of this country has a true lord who is even more worthy of ...... worship, my value will be reduced. Even if the Ten Wise Men emerge, there will be no point in imprisoning me.
"I know what you mean, .......
I will not reveal your name to anyone.

 Christia bowed deeply to me.

I just want you to be a source of support so that I can rule my country in peace. I beg you. I beg you to be my true lord. Shoma Kiryu, King of the Frontier: ......