119 Episode 119 "Princess Lehness Meets a Recruit from...

 In the end, I decided to accept Cristia's loyalty.

 The position of emperor is probably too heavy for her.
 If being loyal to me makes you feel better, then so be it.
 If she just feels that way, not out in the open, it's like a local "guess". It's not going to bother anyone.

 So, after Christia and the others got out of the bath, we had a dinner party.
 Everyone was eating leisurely, including Lisette.

 I decided to go see Sylvia while I was there.
 The purpose of this was to invite her to a welcome tour of Christia and to get information about the area around the Kittle Keep.
The information about the Ten Wise Men comes faster from the House of the Keeper of Kittle.
 If something happens, I want to be able to deal with it right away.

Welcome, Mr. Shoma!

Sylvia was waiting for me when I transferred to the "Kittle's Domain" with "Boundary Transfer".
 Incidentally, the room I was transferred to is now a transfer-only room.
 Originally, it was Sylvia's bedroom, but ...... that didn't make me feel comfortable.
 There were two times when I transferred while Sylvia was changing her clothes.
 I'm sorry.

"Thank you for coming. How is the Dragon Emperor?
"I took him to the hot springs today. He seems to have relaxed.
"I see. I'm glad to hear that.
He's eating an early lunch now. He'll have a nap afterwards and then we'll relax for the night.
I'm sure His Majesty is at ease in Shoma's company. ......

 Sylvia let out a relieved breath.
I'm not sure what to make of that.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

Sylvia should've come too.
I wish I could, but as of ......, I can't leave the Kitor Territory.
What's going on?
...... We have received reports of a small army approaching from the direction of King's Landing.

 Sylvia said.

There's no battle going on. They're probably looking for you. They haven't ventured into the Kitor territory yet. But the surrounding villages are in turmoil.
Is that why Sylvia stayed here: ......
Yes. I'm going to gather the village chiefs and calm them down. As a countermeasure to the soldiers of King's Landing, I have asked sister Renesmee and General Hulka to go there.
"...... I see.

 I'm sure those two will be fine.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

As a follow-up, I sent out 50 of the Soldiers of Will that Shoma gave me. If you use them well, you can capture the enemy soldiers.
"............ I see.

 I remember Princess Renesmee was not very good at willpower soldiers.
 I think it will be fine if the general Hulka is with you. .......
 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

Sylvia. Where are Princess Lanes and the others?
"The castle near the border: ...... here.

 Sylvia shows me a map.
 It's... the castle of General Hulka. It's near the tower of Milva.
 It's near the Milva Tower.

I'd like to send some reinforcements to Princess Llanes and the others, if that's okay.
"You're not going to fight ......, are you?

 Sylvia took my hand.
 She's looking at me with big eyes.

I know you're strong ......, but I'm always worried ...... as I sit in the back waiting for you to come home. I can't ...... fight on the front lines. ......
"...... Sylvia.

 Sylvia's eyes are tearing up.
 She's really worried about me.

I'm not going to fight this time. I'm going to deliver the troops I got thanks to Christia to Princess Llanes and General Hulka.
"The troops you have thanks to her?
Yes. These "soldiers-in-waiting.

 I'll reach into space and activate the power of Stagnation.
 I'm going to create a large 'waiting army' so that Sylvia can see it.

"Air! Hey!

 A glowing golden wall appears in front of Sylvia and me.
 This is the Standby Soldier, created by the power of Stagnation.

I'm not sure what that means. It's an invisible soldier. ...... No, you can see the fence when you touch it. It's a very hard wall. ...... It's amazing. It's amazing that a wall can be created on the spot. ......

I can make it transparent. Here.

 As soon as I give the command, the light surrounding the Waiting Guard disappears.
 The wall becomes transparent and completely invisible.

...... is now invisible. Is this what you mean by invisible soldiers?
That should scare Princess Lannes away.
That's true.
And it seems that this "soldier in waiting" can control light.

They can turn invisible and emit light from within.
 Apparently, they can manipulate light inside their bodies.
 If applied, it should be possible to use it in this way.

For example, "......, my soldier. Try to reflect the light.
"Eats! Hey!

The Soldier in Waiting became a mirror.
 On the surface is a reflection of me and Sylvia.

"What, what, what, what?
"I see. You can 'stagnate' the light passing through you and then reflect it back. ......
Wait a minute. You can create it on the spot and also have the ability to become a mirror?
Yeah. I think you can even keep it up.

 I'll instruct the soldiers-in-waiting.

"My men. "My men, maintain the sight you see.

 I pulled Sylvia's hand and moved from in front of the waiting soldiers.
I'm not sure what to make of that. You can still see the image of me and Sylvia from earlier.

 In other words, it seems that the "soldiers in waiting" have the power to keep the scene they have projected "stagnant".
 To put it simply, it's like a screen with a camera function.

"Maybe it can record video too?

The soldier-in-waiting boasted.
 Apparently, yes. But not for a long time. A few minutes at most.
 But it's like there are cameras on both sides, and you can project what you see on the back side onto the front side. .......
 ...... I see. That's pretty handy.

It's an amazing ability, but ...... Mr. Shoma. How do you intend to use this?
I'm thinking it could be used for reconnaissance.
"For reconnaissance?

 Sylvia looks at me strangely.
 It's better to try it than to explain it.

I'd like to try an experiment first. Can we ask Princess Llanes and General Hulka to help us with the experiment?
"Of course you can, Mr. Shoma. What kind of request?
In an hour, I'll come to the castle unseen. I want you to see if you can find me and Sylvia.
"Disguise? Are you going to use an invisibility potion?
If you use ......, you will only be able to wear Tooka's clothes.

 Or naked.
 I don't want to look like that in a place where there are soldiers.

I'm going to use 'soldiers on standby' this time. "I'm going to use the 'Standby Troops' this time. Sylvia can stay with me to see how it works.
"All right. I'll help you.
Now, I'm going to 'ward' to the tower.

 I explained to Sylvia.

"Then we'll talk to Princess Llanes and Mr. Hulka, and we'll hide ourselves inside the castle and watch for them. We'll hide in the castle and wait for them to find us.
It's like hide-and-seek, isn't it?
I don't feel comfortable asking you to play along.
No, I have a feeling that this power will also save the lives of ...... the soldiers.

 Sylvia nodded vigorously.

I understand. I'll talk to your sister and Hulka about it.
Thank you.
"Then, Mr. Shoma. Shoma, please tell me how you plan to hide yourself.
"Hey Air.

 Sylvia and I came face to face, and the soldier-in-waiting came face to face.
 I began to explain to both of them.

 Renesmee's point of view...

"Hmm. So you want to test your ability to hide in order to scout safely?

 This is a castle in the south of the Kitor Territory.
 This is a castle in the southern part of the Kittles' domain. Lanes walks down the corridor and talks to General Hulka next to him.

Sylvia has some interesting ideas.
Yes. The princess and the King of the Frontier are already in the castle.
Sylvia's always been a child when it comes to hiding and searching.
She said that the Princess and the King of the Frontier are hiding near us.
"Hahaha. Hide-and-seek. That brings back memories. Come to think of it, Sylvia was very mischievous when she was little. She used to hide in my room...
No, that's why the King of the Frontier is with us as well as the Princess.

 Princess Llanes and General Hulka stopped dead in their tracks.
 They both paused for a moment, then said.

"Hahaha. It's been a long time. I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.
"Don't turn your back on reality. Princess Llanes.
...... "The King of the Frontier.
He's on our side. And that's comforting.
I know. I know. I know.
And I hear they've brought in a new force for Princess Renesmee.
I know. You've come to the castle to show me its power, haven't you? But where is he?

 Renesmee looked around.
 All around is a corridor. There's no soldier nearby because he's been cleared.
 Not a soul in sight.
 Of course, there was no sign of the King of the Frontier or his sister Sylvia.
 When I looked back, all I could see was a long hallway.

"...... Are Sylvia and the others really watching us?
The princess and the King of the Frontier, I'm sure of it.
But there's no one there.
If he's watching us right now, he's got ...... amazing reconnaissance skills.
No, no, no. Even the King of the Frontier can't do that.

 The only thing around it is a stone hallway.
 The windows are wide to create a sense of freedom. Recently remodeled.
 I thought I might be outside, but all I could see was ...... the sky. There are no birds or harpies flying around.

I knew Sylvia's story was a joke. Ha ha ha.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm not sure what you're talking about.
There are some things even the King of the Frontier can't do!

 Lanes turned around reflexively.

 As expected, there was no one there.
 Just a stone floor and a familiar wall.

"Oh, don't frighten me, Hulka.

 "Oh, don't frighten me, Hulka," Llanes said, his heart pounding.

I've only just overcome my fear of the King of the Frontier.
"I am sorry, sir.

 General Hulka bowed deeply.

But the King of the Frontier is a great ally, and he is also Princess Sylvia's betrothed. It would be rude to be afraid of him all the time.
"I know. It's not that I don't like him.
You don't?
I've never had a better ally. And he's the reason Sylvia and I got back together. I feel indebted to him. But the memories of that soldier... well, the memories of being trapped behind those walls...

 Lanes approached the window and sighed.
 On the other side of the window, there was a wide sky. This sky must lead to Sylvia's castle and to the frontier. The joke was that they were approaching ...... from hiding, and they might have both left by now.

 Renesmee recalled the mock battle she had fought with the Soldiers of Will at the frontier.
 It was traumatic to be trapped in a moving wall, but the King of the Frontier had given him his soldiers as reinforcements.
Now that the battle with the Ten Wise Men is imminent, I have to get used to commanding them.

 It's just that ...... I wish there was a little more pressure on those soldiers. .......

If there is an invisible soldier, for example, I will be happy to embrace him.
"What? Hey?

No, it's too big. You can't hold it. But it's a great soldier, too. You can at least touch it and stroke it. It's the least I can do for the people who protect our country.
"...... hey hey.
"Yes, Hulka. What's the matter, Hulka? You don't think I'd be surprised...

 Renesmee turns around.

"Long time no see. Renesmee.

 Sylvia was there.

"Thank you for accompanying me on my experiments. Princess Llanes.

The King of the Frontier was there. He had wings on his back and was lifting a large wall.
 The view of the corridor is reflected in the slant of the wall.
 It was exactly the same as the scenery in the corridor - or rather, it was a reflection of the corridor itself.

 Lanes suddenly understands.
The King of the Frontier and Sylvia had been hiding behind this wall.

 They stayed behind Renesmee and Hulka and listened the whole time.
 Perhaps it was also Renesmee's words, "If I were an invisible soldier, I would want to hug you...

"I've prepared an unimpressive army so as not to disturb Princess Llanes' mind.

The "King of the Frontier" said with a gentle smile.
 A cold sweat broke out on Renesmee's forehead.

My troops seem to have taken a liking to the princess. Please do not hesitate to stroke her.
(I did say that. I did say that, but...

 Lanes' mind went blank.

The King of the Frontier is an ally. I'm the princess of House Kittle.
 Then you must do as you're told. I understand. I understand that.

 It's just too much... murmurs Renesmee.
The King of the Frontier and Sylvia's experiment was a great success. They were completely oblivious to their presence. That's probably because the King of the Frontier and his friends were flying on wings, so they didn't hear their footsteps. They blended into the corridor because of that "scenery reflecting wall".

 This is even indoors.
 It would be impossible to find him if he hid behind the fence reflecting the scenery in the meadow with the sound of wind and trees.
 It is not a matter of reconnaissance.
 You could even approach the enemy unnoticed and surprise him.
 With this power, Renesmee's war potential will increase dramatically.

"Hey Aira?

The fence that reflects the scenery is looking at Renesmee curiously.
 You'll be able to see that he likes you, and you'll be prepared.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

 I'm not sure what to say.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
 It's really a great power. The king of the frontier, ......," he said, seeming somewhat impressed with the other side. Even so, the strength of the Kittle family has increased dramatically.
 However, Renesmee's spirit was still exhausted...

"You 'Ten Wise Masters'. I'll never forgive you!

If it weren't for the Ten Wise Men, my father and sister wouldn't have gone missing, and the King of the Frontier wouldn't have met Sylvia. Without the Ten Wise Men, my father and sister would not have gone missing, and Sylvia would not have met the King of the Frontier.
 So, the root of all evil is the Ten Wise Men.
 I've decided. I've decided. We'll destroy them. Decided!

"Foolish Ten Wise Men! I'll never be at peace until I've destroyed you all!

 And so...
The second daughter of the Grand Patriarch of Kittle, Laineth, renews her anger against the evil Ten Wise Men.
 Hearing this, the soldiers gathered and chanted...

The entire House of the Keeper of the Kittle is united in their quest to defeat the Ten Wise Men.