119 Enter the forest with the minister.

 I, Illume, am currently staying in the United States. The people of the United States are treating us well because the Kingdom of Fairytlov is a more powerful country. This is because of the difference in power between the two countries, and if the Kingdom of Fairytlöf had been less powerful than the United States, we would not have been treated in this way. If the Kingdom of Fairytlöf had been less powerful than the Confederacy, it would not have responded in this way. Considering this, it is fortunate that the Kingdom of Fairytlöf is so powerful.

 It was quite a difficult task to find the divine child without being noticed by the allied nations.
 However, it seemed that there were no sightings of the mysterious girl in the Safu nation.

 So I guessed that the Divine Child had gone into the forest. However, no matter how many times I mentioned this idea, the male knights other than the female Mage, the female attendant and the priestess stopped me. The swordsman seemed indifferent. I want to get into the forest somehow. I want to see the godson. But ----, when I try to enter the forest, knights, maidens and priests appear from somewhere and stop me. I have no idea how they know what I'm doing.

 The swordsman looks at me in disgust, as I have done this many times before.

 How can I get into the forest?

 I want to see you, Kamiko-sama. I want to see you and hear your will. ---If I can't convince the knights, maidservants, and priests to respect your will, then I want to go into the forest alone. I don't think I can persuade them at the moment. I don't think that they truly care about the Divine Child. I feel that their faith is directed more towards the temple as a place than towards the gods or the godchildren.

 I was a lowly member of the temple and spent my time in the temple, rejoicing in the service of God. I was happy to be able to perform the great task of finding the Divine Son. I thought I could move up in the temple. However, as I embarked on this journey to find the Divine Child, I gradually began to wonder what would be the point of rising to a higher position in the temple.

 I have noticed that the maidservants and priests who belong to the temple, and who are supposed to be serving God in the name of faith, are approaching me and trying to force me to have a physical relationship with them, perhaps ...... This was partly because I noticed that the maidservants and priests, who were supposed to be in the service of the gods, were approaching me and probably trying to have physical relations with me. At first, I only thought that it was a small thing for a woman of my age. But then I heard the conversation between them. ---She said she was instructed by her superiors to have a physical relationship with me.

 Partly because I've learned that the temple institution I believed in is a bad place. The temple had told me that the way to show your faith to God was to rise to a higher position in the temple, and I thought that was the case, but I learned on this trip that it was not. I was born and raised in the Kingdom of Fairy Trop and did not know the outside world. I was born and raised in the Kingdom of Fairytlöf, and I did not know the outside world. However, when I got to know the outside world, I realized once again that faith is something that can be practiced anywhere, as long as you keep faith in your heart. You can find a lot more information on this site at ----.

 In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a few things you can do. I tried to enter the forest during this time, but was prevented from doing so as well. In the midst of all this, a mage woman spoke to me.

She said, "That bracelet, you fool.
 I frowned at her, thinking that she was a woman and her tone was so rough.

"A bracelet? This is the ring that Zint-sama--

 This is a bracelet that Zindt-sama gave me as a special measure for me. I've heard that Jinto-sama is a user of sacred magic, and that such magic has been applied to him.

They said it was done so that Jinto could track you. If you don't take that bracelet, you'll never get into the forest.

 When I heard those words and was about to ask for more details, the priest came and I couldn't ask for more details. I was too occupied with the present situation to consider the possibility that the bracelet might have such technology.
 The bracelet could be removed at will, and I thought that it was a good intention of Master Jinto. But perhaps the reason why he made it removable and let me wear it of my own will was to avoid such suspicion.

 ---I didn't believe the swordsman's words, but I took off the bracelet and stepped out into the forest when I saw an opening. They didn't stop me from going into the forest.

"Hey, take me with you.

 The knights, maidservants and priests didn't notice me entering the forest, but the swordsman somehow appeared in front of me as I entered the forest.

If you disappear, I could be punished for my work. If that's the case, I'll go into the forest with you.

 That's what the swordsman said.

 I nodded, partly because I was nervous about going into the forest alone.

 I went into the forest with the ---- priest.
 (The priest had grown distrustful of temples during his travels and went into the woods in search of a divine child.