120 The princess and her waking sister

 I look at the girl lying on the bed in front of me.

 It's been almost two years since I've seen the girl who was supposed to be my goddaughter this close up. She's even more beautiful than when I met her two years ago.

 Since then, I've questioned the High Temple and raised the possibility that Alice, the supposed child of the gods, might not be a child of the gods. What the temple said was that they had mistakenly protected a divine child. Perhaps it was Alice's twin sister who was the divine child. The child's parents had abandoned the twin sister on the basis of their own judgment that she could not possibly be the child. The mere fact that they abandoned their child was enough to make me feel sick.
 To think that they were living comfortably, hiding the fact that they had abandoned their child, made me feel indescribably bad for the two parents.  The reason why the Grand Temple disclosed that the child was a fake was because they must have had many thoughts about the fact that the child was a fake, and if we asked them, they would have revealed it immediately.

 After the High Priest revealed the truth, when we inquired about the Third Prince, he said that he was in a hurry to tell us the cause of his father's death. I was not there, so I heard that your father was assassinated by the Third Prince's forces. This fact also came to light, and those who superficially supported the Third Prince's forces rapidly decreased. It seems that the Third Prince himself was able to be captured. So it seems to be going well. ---However, there were various opinions about Alice, who was regarded as a divine child. I insisted on letting her live. Because she's only a nine-year-old girl. A girl younger than me. A girl who's probably been turned into this by her environment.

 ---First, when Alice wakes up, I'll make her understand reality. There's no one around to protect her now. When they found out that Alice was a fake, the people around her left.

 "There were many people around her because she was considered to be a goddess, a noble being. Because she was considered a goddess, they did whatever she told them.
 The eyes of those who saw her as a goddess, who had lost her value, were harsh. If she tries to live forward as best she can in such a situation, I hope I can help her.

 This country is not yet stable. Even though there was a real godson, we lost him because of a mistake. That fact will never change. Then this country can't be stable yet. And while the biggest problem has been solved, there are still many other problems. I don't know what I can do in such a situation, but... I want to do the best I can.

 As I was sitting in my chair thinking about this, I heard a voice say, "Mmm. At the same time, Alice's eyes opened.

"...... is here.

 Alice wakes up, sits up in bed, and looks around. The atmosphere seemed different from the last time I saw her.
 I wondered if she had any thoughts about what had happened to her.


 And then she looked at me with a strange look on her face. Maybe she doesn't remember me. That's understandable. Alice and I have only met once.

"I'm Ninaef Faerie. Fifth princess of the kingdom of Faerytlov. This is the second time we've met.
"---- princess......

 Alice was still the same. She didn't rant and rave.

Are you aware that ...... you're not a godson, by any chance?
"...... are you sure?

 I knew it," Alice said. I knew it," Alice said, her demeanor surprisingly calm, as if the possession had fallen from her.

"Yes. You're probably not a godson. I'm sorry for what our country has done to you. To mistakenly protect you as a divine child.

 I said and continued.

"You were announced as a godson when you are not. And there's been a lot of criticism of you because of what you've done. But I think we're more at fault for the mistake than you. And you're just a kid. So if you want to move on, I'm willing to help you do that.
"...... Yes.

 Alice just nodded at my words, seemingly unable to think straight. She looks her age. I'm really glad that she realizes that she's not a godchild, that she's not special. It would have been a lot harder if he hadn't understood that he wasn't a godson.
 Then I told them about Alice's twin sister who was probably a godson.

"So ...... it is your twin sister who is probably a godson.

 Alice looked at him strangely. It was as if she didn't recognize the existence of a sister in her voice. How is it possible to be a family member and not be aware of your twin sister?

"Yes, you do have a sister. The same age. Do you know of any brown-haired girls your age?

 When I said that, Alice said.

"You mean the thing?
 I said, surprised.

"Yeah. "Yeah. It's what my mom and dad used to call it. It was in my house and I'd only see it occasionally. My mom and dad never let it near me. She lived the opposite life of me. That thing is ......... my sister? Family?

 Alice looks surprised at the word "her". I'm surprised, too.

 Alice and Kamiko-sama. Their parents seemed to have an attitude that at least they didn't know that Alice was a sister and a twin. Twins, family. She was more surprised that they were her sister and family than that she was really a goddess.

"Yes, her name is Lerunda. The High Priestess heard it from your parents.
"...... Lerunda. That's the name, isn't it?
Yes. Your twin sister's name is Lelunda. And she's probably what they call a godson.
"Lelunda. ....... My sister. ...... My twin sister. That's my family. ......... and the godson.

 Alice mentioned this fact as if to confirm it.

 ----- The Princess and the Awakening Sister.
 (The princess has a conversation with a girl who has awakened and is considered a child. (The princess has a conversation with a girl who is considered a divine child who has woken up. She does not recognize her sister as her sister.