Let’s Raise the Abandoned Ca

Brett, a teacher at the Hero’s Academy, was once known as a brilliant and brave man in the past. One day, he is abruptly framed as an abusive teacher by Cyrus, an important figure in heroic society,

Konyaku Haki Sareta Reijou wo

In the back of the forest lives Allen, the antisocial wizard. He is feared by the people around him and called the “Demon Lord”.One day, while living out his life as a hermit, he finds a young gir

The Second Life Cheat Reincarn

A mage who has become too strong, bored with his first life, reincarnates 1000 years later.But when he reincarnates as Kurt, he sees a world where magical civilization has declined and mage who are mu

Story of an "Unemployed" Champ

In a world where human Professions are determined by nature, there was a person who was the strongest, despite being Jobless. Fuuta, who trained harder than anyone else to achieve this and became a ch

I was the weakest of the four

One of the four demon kings, Demon King Langa, was despised as being the weakest of the four heavenly kings and a demon mess because he was made up of the lowest species.One day, he was defeated by fi

The Magician Who Rose From Fai

Arkus Rayseft has a dream a few weeks after he disqualified as a successor to the Viscount family.It’s a strange dream to experience life of a man.It is the life of such a man who was born in a comm