Strange Grief Wants to Retire

Existing all over the world sleeps treasure tools with special powers.Riches, Prestige, and finally Power.Chasing glory, an era where Treasure Hunters rampage through Treasure Shrines without regard f

Using My God Skill “Breathin

The story follows Lana, who lives in a country where every person is granted a skill by the queen on their 15th birthday. Lana is given the skill “Breathing” (Kokyū), a skill he has never heard o

After Reincarnating, I Became

One day, Yadoya Kenta, who was working for a black company, dies of exhaustion. When he wakes up, he finds that he has been reincarnated not as a hero in another world, but as Tohri, the son of an inn

When I Reincarnated I Was a So

A soldier from a different world with a Japanese memory. Being beaten by an orc club, he regains his memory of his previous life and survives the world of war despite the confusion.Leverage your lack

Reincarnated Undefeated Other

Yuki, who defeated the popular net game’s Last Boss with the broken character “Sage”, was forcibly reincarnated in a different world.When he woke up, there were seven heroes and a king. Yuki was

Isekai Sagishi no Consulting

Oba Yashiro, the notorious con artist who made his name known throughout Japan.His life burned out on the bad luck, and he was reborn in a big city where you can’t lie. In this world where liars are