Mushoku no Eiyuu ~Betsu ni Skill Nanka Iranakattan daga~

“Classes” are given at the age of 10, and the presence or absence of “skills” greatly affect life.

Arel, the son of “Sword Princess” Fara and “Magic King” Leon, has been branded as “Classless”…

But even without a job or skills, Arel believes he can persevere through effort.

Author: Kuzu Shichio | 九頭七尾
Chapters: 226

The Classless Hero: I Didn't Need Skills Anyway

無職の英雄 別にスキルなんか要らなかったんだが


1-Episode 1 Is this a profession?
2-Episode 2 There is no such feeling at all
3-Episode 3 Why I'm afraid to look at it from above
4-Episode 4 It can only be said that the abilities are equal
5-Episode 5 But Still Still
6-Episode 6 I am normal
7-Episode 7 Don't make fun of older people
8-Episode 8: Those who are quite pitiful
9-You are a newcomer even if you do not have episode 9
10-Episode 10: It's insanely rude, right?
11-Episode 11: This guild is over
12-Episode 12: It's all because of shit
13-Episode 13 I thought I was completely a man
14-Episode 14: I don't cry!
15-Episode 15: If you win this, you will be in debt at once
16-Episode 16: I don't feel like winning
17-Episode 17: Why do you overwhelm the A-class swordsman?
18-Episode 18: I was shown a good one
19-Episode 19
20-Episode 20 Is it a masochist?
21-Episode 21: Efforts Will Not Betray
22-Episode 22 What a Cold Son
23-Episode 23: There seems to be nothing to learn
24-Episode 24: You just have to defeat them all at once
25-Episode 25 Eventually it becomes an open fact
26-Episode 26: What is the real intention?
27-Episode 27: That line is a bit rude! ?
28-Episode 28: My Life, Owata
29-Episode 29: I have already mastered it
30-Episode 30: What are you trying to let go of your deadly skills with a sense of Tsukkomi?
31-Episode 31: Wouldn't it be wasteful if it ended early?
32-Episode 32: Do Your Best to Die
33-Episode 33: The game is still in the first place
34-Episode 34: I'm just an unemployed person
35-Episode 1 This time I want to master magic
36-Episode 2: Magic is different from a sword
37-Episode 3 I Want Thousands
38-Episode 4 This is just a female pig
39-Episode 5: I didn't come to train the bride
40-Episode 6 What magic are you good at?
41-Episode 7 It's Better to Cover Your Ears
42-Episode 8 Let me call you Master
43-Episode 9: It's too easy and boring for me
44-Episode 10: It's not just an raption
45-Episode 11: Isn't this a complaint?
46-Episode 12: Was there such a scary condition?
47-Episode 13 What a simple test
48-Episode 14: It suddenly appeared from above, so I cut it off reflexively
49-Episode 15: I ask for everything at my own risk
50-Episode 16: I passed the exam properly
51-Episode 17: I think it's easy to remember
52-Episode 18 Killing You and I Die
53-Episode 19 I have watched
54-Episode 20: Separate the personality into two
55-Episode 21: I think I just have to endure
56-Episode 22 Apparently it's a perfect score
57-Episode 23: What if you were more pleased?
58-Episode 24: Mature
59-Episode 25: About 100
60-Episode 26 What kind of practice
61-Episode 27: Probably not learning ability
62-Episode 28: Do You Use Your Inner Hands?
63-Episode 29: It looks like your arms are getting bigger
64-Episode 30 Leave it to me
65-Episode 31: That's always you
66-Episode 32: There is no reason to move properly
67-Episode 33: It seems that it's time to get serious
68-Episode 34: You Can't See the Bottom of Magical Power
69-Episode 35: This is a fool
70-36. Can a cane cut it properly?
71-Episode 37: Are You Impressed by Saving Your Life?
72-Episode 38 High, Master Sama
73-Episode 39: Does Someone Tell Me Rumors?
74-Episode 40: There are still many weird people in this school
75-Episode 41 Let's Introduce
76-Episode 42 No, is that true?
77-Episode 43: This is the bag mouse
78-Episode 44: Isn't he a Wizard?
79-Episode 45: I would like to correct one before that
80-Episode 46: Why?
81-Episode 47: Something like a transparent body
82-Episode 1 This is such a city
83-Episode 2 I'm confident only in taste
84-Episode 3
85-Episode 4 Of course, the death penalty
86-Episode 5: Let's go straight ahead
87-Episode 6 You Are Kneeling
88-In Episode 7, be patient
89-Episode 8: Her Majesty's Command is Absolute
90-Episode 9: This is my territory
91-Episode 10 Was It Transformed?
92-Episode 11: I can't escape now
93-Episode 12: Did the Empress Have You?
94-Episode 13 Do you think it's too late?
95-Episode 14: Brother's fool
96-Episode 15: It's just a coincidence
97-Episode 16: I have no idea
98-Episode 17: It looks like a really nice guy
99-Episode 18: Order Properly and Wait
100-Episode 19: I'm annoying you
101-Episode 20: You'll understand even if you don't like it
102-Episode 21: Have You Called Your Friends?
103-Episode 22 Gekioko
104-Episode 23: I changed my mind
105-Episode 24: It was so painful right now
106-Episode 25: Where's the Training Death?
107-Episode 26 This is perfect
108-Episode 27: From Liquid Death
109-Episode 28: I'm Taking a Conspicuous Guy
110-Episode 29: Start again
111-Episode 30: I just cut the tsunami
112-Episode 31 After all, is this pattern again?
113-Episode 32: Breathing shouldn't last so long
114-Episode 33: I've been impaired
115-Episode 34: Thats Gachi and Beessho
116-Episode 35: I'm the one who has something to do
117-Episode 36: I was lonely
118-Episode 37: Entering the funny monsters
119-Episode 38: It seems that you have collected too much force
120-Episode 39: I was sleeping in the waiting room
121-Episode 40: You can do anything if you have muscle
122-Episode 41: It is impossible to win
123-Episode 42: A man who has neither blood nor tears
124-Episode 43: That's a bit overstated
125-Episode 44: The Devil Is the Devil
126-Episode 45: The birth of a new champion
127-Episode 46
128-Episode 47: I Want to See the Face of My Grandson
129-Episode 1 Is the pig also called makeup?
130-Episode 2 Isn't there two words for a man?
131-Episode 3: I fell in love with it
132-Episode 4 Don't forget your ex girlfriend
133-Episode 5: If there is such a person, I would like to see his face
134-Episode 6 Leave No Evidence
135-Episode 7: Special treatment is not possible
136-Episode 8: Both avant-garde and rear-guard can be done
137-Episode 9 is within the margin of error
138-Episode 10: You may die if you are unlucky
139-Episode 11 Come with me
140-Episode 12 I'm not at a loss at all
141-Episode 13: A true swordsman can kill an enemy without a sword
142-Episode 14 You are going straight
143-Episode 15: Read the Air, Get the Air
144-Episode 16: There was Gachi
145-Episode 17: I will kill you next time
146-Episode 18: I'm Not Suicidal
147-Episode 19: You're a Victim
148-Episode 20 Don't destroy the forest too much
149-Episode 21: You know the reaction
150-Episode 22: Crying and sitting down
151-Episode 23: I'm still ten years old
152-If it is Episode 24, I will show you around
153-Episode 25: Do you feel like making a hole in the floor?
154-Episode 26 You're already here
155-Episode 27: How to catch
156-Episode 28 is exactly like your brother
157-Episode 29: It's absolutely useless
158-Episode 30: The earlier the better
159-Episode 31: Mama is an Adult, but Can't Fly?
160-Episode 32: I'll Cure You Immediately
161-Episode 33: Those guys are taking care of themselves
162-Episode 34: A red stranger with a little acquaintance
163-Episode 35: How about your older sister?
164-Episode 36 Don't forget
165-Episode 37: Don't Become Such an Adult
166-Episode 38 Isn't he a master?
167-Episode 39: It looks as it is
168-Episode 40: I'm glad my wife is a common sense person
169-Episode 41: Because I am sound until the morning
170-Episode 42: Probably the Right Partner
171-Episode 43 Apparently it seems that you have returned to the original town
172-Episode 44: Mitai floating in the sky
173-Episode 45: Why Disperse Forces
174-Episode 46: Give You Half of the World
175-Episode 47: I'm not normally sane
176-Episode 1 You don't cry at all
177-Episode 2 I'll cry if I'm not
178-Episode 3 First is to build physical strength
179-Episode 4 Say I'm sorry
180-Episode 5 came out
181-Episode 6 Do I Have a Vision?
182-Episode 7: This is not a children's playground
183-Episode 8: Eramination
184-Episode 9: Living humans are not crap
185-Episode 10: It's faster to hit the genius
186-Episode 11: I'll beat you
187-Episode 12: That famous dialogue
188-Episode 13: That line is probably the third time
189-Episode 14: It's the same as Dad
190-Episode 15: I Wanted to Improve the Comfort
191-Episode 16 I can be either
192-Episode 17: It's hard to say
193-Episode 18: Will You Accept If You Defeat This?
194-Episode 19: Writing was perfect
195-Episode 20: This E class is at the bottom
196-Episode 21: It seems to be a hierarchical relationship of club activities
197-Episode 22: Get what I say from now on
198-Episode 23
199-Episode 24 Of course, it's a girls' toilet
200-Episode 25: Brothers and sisters who don't really make sense
201-Episode 26 Anyway, I'm Tsurupeta
202-Episode 27: No, I can't understand
203-Episode 28: Still a Hero
204-Episode 29: Weaknesses are completely held
205-Episode 29: Lend Note
206-Episode 30: Don't Call Us Familiar
207-Episode 31
208-Episode 32 is really similar
209-Episode 33: Ordering the entrustment is a proof of small fish
210-Episode 34: Why Do You Suddenly Perform Joint Art?
211-Episode 35: He helped me at that time
212-Episode 36: I love your sister
213-Episode 37: Even though it's my first meeting
214-Episode 38: Do you both know each other?
215-Episode 39: You don't have to be so tragic
216-Episode 40: I swore to show Stigma in the snow
217-Episode 41: Dad is a Human
218-Episode 42 I remember
219-Episode 43: I'll beat you
220-Episode 44: You Should Refuse
221-Episode 45: OK
222-Episode 46: Isn't it a bit too painful?
223-Episode 47: Getting time alone for a while
224-Episode 48: You can't change your belly on your back
225-Episode 49
226-Episode 50: Still not good now