Dorei Tensei – Sono Dorei Saikyou no Moto Ouji ni Tsuki –

Ars, the prince of the Kingdom of Karitz, who was called the strongest wizard, died at a young age. But on the verge of death, he uses reincarnation magic. Reincarnated as Wals Sai, a s*ave with the best body! Wals, who became the escort of a princess in a small country, became a matchless s*ave who used his best body and magic to crush all enemies!

Author: Karayumi カラユミ
Chapters: 143



1-Episode 1 Slaves Become The Strongest Of The Clan
2-Episode 2: Meet the Slave and His Royal Highness
3-Episode 3 Slaves, Amazed by the Magic of the Princ...
4-Episode 4 Slaves Go on An Adventure
5-Episode 5 Back to Slavery and Adventurers Guild He...
6-Episode 6 Slaves Brought Princess to Tavern for th...
7-Episode 7 Slaves And Princesses At Night
8-Episode 8 Slaves Step on Home
9-Episode 9 Slaves Get Shoulder Watermarks
10-Episode 10: Returning Slaves and Unsying People
11-Episode 11 Slaves Show Their Motivating
12-Episode 12 Slaves, Resolve
13-Episode 13 Meet a Slave and An Adventurer
14-Episode 14 Slaves Get Caught
15-Episode 15 Slaves Get Their Hands on Them
16-Episode 16 Slaves, Knowing That Their Part is Kenh...
17-Episode 17 Slaves, Try magic
18-Episode 18 Slave Offers to Wipe His Mistake
19-Episode 19 Slaves Receive Hospitality
20-Episode 20: Slavery Meets Niece
21-Episode 21 Slaves, Exploring the Future
22-Episode 22 Slaves, Knowing The Existence of Their ...
23-Episode 23 Slaves Join the Party
24-Episode 24 Slave Challenges Battle
25-Episode 25 Slaves Dance Brilliantly
26-Episode 26 Slaves To Be Rescued
27-Episode 27 Slaves Reunite
28-Episode 28 Slaves Take Responsibility
29-Episode 29 Slaves Return to Their Past Erries
30-Episode 30 Slave, Wielded by Feel
31-Episode 31 Alipin Bumalik sa Kanilang Kasalukuyang...
32-Episode 32 Slave, Rating Unchanged
33-Episode 33 Slaves, Standing Between
34-Episode 34: Slavery, Suspicious of a Thousand Cava...
35-Episode 35 Slaves, Make a Inside
36-Episode 36 Slaves, Get Serviced For Their Favorite...
37-Episode 37 Slave Reunites With Him
38-Episode 38 Meet slaves and dead
39-Episode 39: Examining Slaves and Dead
40-Episode 40 Slaves Enter the War
41-Episode 41 Slaves Begin Killing
42-Episode 42 Slaves Leave the Battlefield
43-Episode 43: Working with Naya, a Slave
44-Episode 44 Slaves, Errone
45-Episode 45: Slavery, Knowing You're a Genius
46-Episode 46 Slaves 啖 Their Remorse
47-Episode 47 Slaves, Choosing Attributes
48-Episode 48 Slaves, Misunderstood
49-Episode 49 Slaves, Arriving in a Town
50-Episode 50 Slaves, Old Woman's House
51-Episode 51 Slaves See Nightmares
52-Episode 52 Slaves, Nostalgia
53-Episode 53 Slaves Join
54-Episode 54 Slaves, Get a Ship
55-Episode 55 Slave Re-recognizes that princess is a ...
56-Episode 56 Slaves Stand in the Land of elves
57-Episode 57 Slaves, Know a Different History
58-Episode 58 Slaves Meet Face-to-Face
59-Episode 59: The Princess Knows The Baquemono
60-Episode 60 Princess Knows The Power of Slaves
61-Episode 61 Slave Introduces Himself For The Second...
62-Episode 62 Slaves, Keeping a Warm Eye
63-Episode 63 Slaves, Aiming
64-Episode 64 Slaves, Watching the Game...
65-Episode 65 Slaves Talk about the Old Days
66-Episode 66 Slaves Are Impatient for Sudden News
67-Episode 67 Slaves Declare Subjugation
68-Episode 68 Slave Decides Policy
69-Episode 69 Slaves, Committed
70-Episode 70 The World Is Moving
71-Episode 71 Slave Departs to Subdue Yla
72-Episode 72 Slaves Burn Their Hands on Nayya
73-Episode 73 Slave, Bedded
74-Episode 74 Slaves Watch the Negotiations
75-Episode 75 Slaves, Strategies
76-Episode 76 Adventurer, Scatter
77-Episode 77 Everyone Is Aware of Victory 1 2
78-Episode 78 Everyone Is Conscious of Victory 2 2
79-Episode 79 Slaves, Releasing Black Emotions
80-Episode 80 Slaves Mercilessly Buried
81-Episode 81 Slaves, Cleaning (Corpse Disposal)
82-Episode 82 Slaves, Thinking about the Next Move
83-Episode 83 Slaves, I'm Not Good At Vio
84-Episode 84 Slave, Make Up Your Mind
85-Episode 85 Slaves Are Pushed On Their Backs
86-Episode 86 Slaves to the Divine World
87-Episode 87 Slave, I Tried To Make a Deal
88-Episode 88 Slaves, Hand-in-Hand
89-Episode 89 Slaves, Working Hand-in-Hand with the S...
90-Episode 90 Slaves, Life-Saving
91-Episode 91 Slaves, Contraindications and Watchers
92-Episode 92: Reunited with Ainess, a Slave
93-Episode 93 Slave, True
94-Episode 94 Slaves Are Overwhelmed by the Magic of ...
95-Episode 95 Slave, Feel Something on your Lips
96-Episode 96 Slave Returns
97-Episode 97 Slaves, Princesses and Spirits
98-Episode 98 Slaves, Just Confused
99-Episode 99 Slaves Bewildered by Princess's Attitud...
100-Episode 100 Slaves Go to the Kingdom of Karlitz Ag...
101-Episode 101 Choose Venetnash, a Slave
102-Episode 102: Slavery Asks a Princess
103-Episode 103 Slave Reunites With Ex-Brother
104-Episode 104 Slave Feels Uncomfortable With Ex-Brot...
105-Episode 105 Slave, That Girl
106-Episode 106 Slaves Head to Eurecia
107-Episode 107: Slave Meets Flair
108-Episode 108 Slaves, Resented
109-Episode 109 Slave, Involved
110-Episode 110: Slaves Challenge The Fight
111-Episode 111 Princesses Rub In Slavery
112-Episode 112 Slaves, Trembling with Anger
113-Episode 113 Slave, Left Behind
114-Episode 114 Slaves, Getting a Position
115-Episode 115 Meet with Slaves and Herders
116-Episode 116 Slaves to the Theeolining Kingdom
117-Episode 117: A Slave Claims to Be a Warrior Chief
118-Episode 118 Slaves Attend Talks
119-Episode 119 Slaves, More Jobs
120-Episode 120 Slaves Show Willingness to Fight For a...
121-Episode 121 Slaves Show Willingness to Fight for a...
122-Episode 122: Slaves, Encountered in the Kingdom of...
123-Episode 123 Slave Returns In a Hurry
124-Episode 124 Slave, Pale
125-Episode 125 Slave, Commissioned by Ilse
126-Episode 126 Recognized by Slaves and Princesses
127-Episode 127 Slaves, Start Infiltrating
128-Episode 128 Slaves Notice the Change of the Royal ...
129-Episode 129 Slaves, Explore
130-Episode 130 Slaves Meet Them
131-Episode 131 Slaves, Another Know Their Past
132-Episode 132 Slaves Lose the Lord
133-Episode 133 Slave, Unable to Control Magic
134-Episode 134 Slaves, Dead Resuscitation Magic, and ...
135-Episode 135 Slave, Thrusting
136-Episode 136 Slaves, Complete the Contract
137-Episode 137 Feelel, Say Goodbye
138-Episode 138 Slaves, On the Side of the Princess
139-Episode 139 Slave, A Minute of Calm
140-Episode 140 Slaves Feel Uncomfortable
141-Episode 141 Slaves Encounter An Outlying
142-Episode 142 Slaves Push into the Dark
143-Episode 143 Slave, Weeping