Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – The Weakest Mage among the Classmates

“Your stats are lower than that of your average person.”

The weakest by a mile among the otherworldlers of class 1-A, Takatsuki Makoto.

The Heroes and Sages who had cheat skills in his class had went off, and the base set lifespan is 10 years?

The Great Demon Lord is going to revive soon?

I am a Mage Apprentice?

Isn’t the balance way too bad? This damn Isekai is a tr*sh game!

“Want to be my believer?”, the Goddess that told me this has zero believers!

Aah, this is bad…I don’t think I can clear this. The Goddess with zero believers is an incredible beauty, and she is telling me she is imprisoned somewhere and is waiting to be saved. My last and hardest mission is to save the Goddess.

Clearing this Isekai that only has adversities, the story of the weakest mage.


Author: Oosaki Isle | 大崎アイル
Chapters: 283

Shinja Zero no Megami-sama to Hajimeru Isekai Kouryaku ~Classmate Saijaku no Mahou Tsukai~

Weakest Mage

信者ゼロの女神サマと始める異世界攻略 クラスメイト最弱の魔法使い


1-Introduction of characters *There is spoiler*
2-Episode 0: Prologue 1st year group A suffers
3-Episode 1: Makoto Takatsuki is too weak
4-Episode 2: Makoto Takatsuki is left behind
5-Episode 3: Makoto Takatsuki sets out on a journey
6-Episode 4: Makoto Takatsuki meets the goddess
7-Episode 5: Makoto Takatsuki reunites with a friend
8-Episode 6 Request of Goddess
9-Episode 7: Makoto Takatsuki's Two Names Are Cool
10-Episode 8: Looking at you as if you were friends
11-Episode 9: Makoto Takatsuki can make friends for the first time
12-Episode 10: Makoto Takatsuki trains with Lucy
13-Episode 11: Makoto Takatsuki forms a temporary party
14-Episode 12 VS Rampage Bison
15-Episode 13 VS Griffon (Part 1)
16-Episode 14 VS Griffon (Part 2)
17-Episode 15: Makoto Takatsuki Gets the Blessing of the Goddess
18-Episode 16: Lucy's Secret
19-Episode 17: The First Spirit User
20-Episode 18: Warm friends sometimes get angry
21-Episode 19: Makoto Takatsuki forms a party with classmates
22-Episode 20: Makoto Takatsuki Challenges the First Dungeon
23-Episode 21: Gatekeeper Beast (First Half)
24-Episode 22: Gatekeeper Beast (Part 2)
25-Episode 23: Makoto Takatsuki Challenges the Giant
26-Episode 24: Giant's Old Story
27-Episode 25 Epilogue (Chapter 1)
28-Episode 26: Makoto Takatsuki is in a stagnation period
29-Episode 27: Makoto Takatsuki Gets Advice from the Goddess
30-Episode 28: Aya Sasaki wakes up in a different world
31-Episode 29: Makoto Takatsuki Can Stop the Departure
32-Episode 30 Fujiyan is doing a different world harem
33-Episode 31: Aya Sasaki is a Lamia
34-Episode 32: Makoto Takatsuki arrives in the labyrinth town
35-Episode 33: Makoto Takatsuki Challenges the Great Labyrinth (First Day)
36-Episode 34 Makoto Takatsuki Fights Minotaur
37-Episode 35: Aya Sasaki gets used to dungeon life
38-Episode 36: Labyrinth Bar
39-Episode 37 Sakurai-kun is unchanged
40-Episode 38: Makoto Takatsuki Challenges the Great Labyrinth (Day 2)
41-Episode 39: Makoto Takatsuki meets a dragon
42-Episode 40: Aya Sasaki's tragedy
43-Episode 41: Makoto Takatsuki Encounters XX
44-Episode 42 Makoto Takatsuki will meet again
45-Episode 43: Aya Sasaki Reunites
46-Episode 44 Fujiyan Reunites
47-Episode 45: Aya Sasaki's Skills Are Strong
48-Episode 46: We Prepare for the Boss Battle
49-Episode 47: Makoto Takatsuki Finds Harpy's Nest
50-Episode 48 VS Harpy
51-Episode 49: Aya Sasaki Reunites with an Enemy
52-Episode 50: Makoto Takatsuki talks about the goddess
53-Episode 51: Saki Yokoyama can't believe his classmates
54-Episode 52: Makoto Takatsuki Fights with Ryu Ryu
55-Episode 53: Ryosuke Sakurai Fights a Ryukyu
56-Episode 54: Makoto Takatsuki talks to the princess
57-Episode 55: Makoto Takatsuki Amazed by His Friends
58-Episode 56: Makoto Takatsuki talks to a wise man
59-Episode 57: Makoto Takatsuki Talks with Princess Sofia
60-Episode 58: Epilogue (Chapter 2)
61-Episode 59: Sasaki Aya is guided through the city of water
62-Episode 60 Lucy Gives Thoughts to Takatsuki
63-Episode 61: Goddess has a meeting
64-Episode 62 Fujiyan Starts a New Business
65-Episode 63 Makoto Takatsuki Heads to the Royal Capital
66-Episode 64: Makoto Takatsuki arrives at the royal capital Horn
67-Episode 65: Makoto Takatsuki Reunites with Former Guardian Knight
68-Episode 66: Makoto Takatsuki Talks to a Hero
69-Episode 67 Makoto Takatsuki and Fujiyan set out in the night town
70-Episode 68: Makoto Takatsuki Explores the Horn of the King
71-Episode 69: Lucy and Aya Sasaki talk
72-Episode 70: Makoto Takatsuki returns to Ojo
73-Episode 71: Burning King City (Part 1)
74-Episode 72: Burning King City (Part 2)
75-Episode 73 After the Mayhem
76-Episode 74: Fujiwara Shokai is popular in the royal capital
77-Episode 75: Makoto Takatsuki Selects
78-Episode 76: Epilogue (Chapter 3)
79-Episode 77: Makoto Takatsuki Remembers
80-Episode 78: Makoto Takatsuki Talks to the Majin
81-Episode 79: Makoto Takatsuki Arrives in the Land of the Sun
82-Episode 80: Makoto Takatsuki Heads to Highland Castle
83-Episode 81: Makoto Takatsuki Fights a Hero
84-Episode 82: Makoto Takatsuki overdoes
85-Episode 83: Makoto Takatsuki Reunites with the Great Sage
86-Episode 84: Makoto Takatsuki is a favorite of the wise men
87-Episode 85: Memories of Ryosuke Sakurai
88-Episode 86: Makoto Takatsuki Explores the Royal Capital (7 Wards)
89-Episode 87: Makoto Takatsuki Knows the Darkness and Light of Highlands
90-Episode 88: Makoto Takatsuki hears an old story from Princess Noel
91-Episode 89: Makoto Takatsuki Explores the Royal Capital (Ku Ward)
92-Episode 90: Groundwater Channel of the Royal Capital
93-Episode 91: Makoto Takatsuki talks to a Highland aristocrat
94-Episode 92: Lucy and Makoto Talk to the Great Sage
95-Episode 93: Makoto Takatsuki is invited to the Mafia
96-Episode 94: Makoto Takatsuki Talks to the Mafia Leader (Part 1)
97-Episode 95: Makoto Takatsuki Talks to the Mafia Leader (Part 2)
98-Episode 96: Makoto Takatsuki Meets Princess Sofia Secretly
99-Episode 97: Makoto Takatsuki talks to the water goddess
100-Episode 98: Makoto Takatsuki goes to the graveyard of the royal capital
101-Episode 99: Cursed Princess of the Land of Destruction
102-Episode 100: Makoto Takatsuki meets a cursed princess
103-Episode 101: The Mayhem of Sinfonia, part 1
104-Episode 102: Mayhem of Sinfonia, Part 2
105-Episode 103: Mayhem of Sinfonia, Part 3
106-Episode 104: The Mayhem of Sinfonia, part 4
107-Episode 105: The Mayhem of Sinfonia, Part 5
108-Episode 106: Makoto Takatsuki Knows Her Ability
109-Episode 107: Makoto Takatsuki participates in the victory party
110-Episode 108: Makoto Takatsuki on the Royal Capital
111-Episode 109: Epilogue (Chapter 4)
112-Episode 110: Makoto Takatsuki returns to the city of water
113-Episode 111: Makoto Takatsuki makes a noise with the adventurers of McAllen
114-Episode 112: Makoto Takatsuki meets Goblin King
115-Episode 113: The Princess Comes to McAllen
116-Episode 114: Makoto Takatsuki and Lucy's story
117-Episode 115: Story of Makoto Takatsuki and Aya Sasaki
118-Episode 116: Makoto Takatsuki learns about a contract from a goddess
119-Episode 117: McAllen Adventurers Fight the Monsters
120-Episode 118: The Hero of Light Came to McAllen
121-Episode 119: Makoto Takatsuki Knows the Magic Sword
122-Episode 120: Makoto Takatsuki and Sophia
123-Episode 121: Makoto Takatsuki Knows Shuraba
124-Episode 122: McAllen's Crisis Part 1
125-Episode 123: McAllen's Crisis, Part 2
126-Episode 124: McAllen's Crisis Part 2
127-Episode 125: Epilogue (Chapter 5)
128-Episode 126: Makoto Takatsuki Explores
129-Episode 127: Makoto Takatsuki Can Escape
130-Episode 128: Makoto Takatsuki talks to the goddess
131-Episode 129: Makoto Takatsuki Leaves on a Trip
132-Episode 130: Makoto Takatsuki Arrives at Elf Village
133-Episode 131: Makoto Takatsuki talks to Lucy's family
134-Episode 132: Makoto Takatsuki will meet
135-Episode 133: Makoto Takatsuki confronts the devil's heart
136-Episode 134: Makoto Takatsuki Explores the Magic Forest
137-Episode 135: Canaan Village Burns
138-Episode 136: Makoto Takatsuki Talks to the Guren Witch
139-Episode 137 Makoto Takatsuki is Attacked
140-Episode 138: Tree Country, Eve of the Battle
141-Episode 139: Makoto Takatsuki talks to the goddesses
142-Episode 140: The Battle of the Magic Forest Part 1
143-Episode 141: Devil's Forest Battle 2
144-Episode 142: Devil's Forest Battle Part 3
145-Episode 143: Devil's Forest Battle 4
146-Episode 144: Devil's Forest Battle Part 5
147-Episode 145: Devil's Forest Battle Part 6
148-Episode 146: Devil's Forest Battle 7
149-Episode 147 Makoto Takatsuki Knows the Goddess
150-Episode 148: Epilogue (Chapter 6)
151-Episode 149: Princess Sofia Visits the Woodland
152-Episode 150: Makoto Takatsuki talks to a wise man
153-Episode 151: Makoto Takatsuki Arrives in the Land of Fire
154-Episode 152: Makoto Takatsuki is attacked
155-Episode 153 Makoto Takatsuki receives consultation
156-Episode 154: Makoto Takatsuki Helps Level Up
157-Episode 155 Makoto Takatsuki Begs for Teaching
158-Episode 156: Makoto Takatsuki takes a walk through the royal capital
159-Episode 157: The Moon Priestess Dreams
160-Episode 158: Makoto Takatsuki Takes a Walk in the Country of Fire at Night
161-Episode 159: Makoto Takatsuki Reunites with Classmate
162-Episode 160: Makoto Takatsuki goes home in the morning
163-Episode 161: Makoto Takatsuki is under pressure
164-Episode 162: Makoto Takatsuki is invited by the shogun
165-Episode 163: Takatsuki Makoto Can't Watch the Tournament
166-Episode 164: Makoto Takatsuki Makes a Guess
167-Episode 165: Makoto Takatsuki Watches
168-Episode 166: Makoto Takatsuki is afraid
169-Episode 167: The Shadow of Ruin
170-Episode 168: Makoto Takatsuki uses secret measures
171-Episode 169: Makoto Takatsuki Becomes a Spirit
172-Episode 170: Takatsuki Makoto Benefits from Victory
173-Episode 171: Epilogue of Chapter 7
174-Episode 172: Makoto Takatsuki talks with his friends
175-Episode 173 Makoto Takatsuki Heads Again to the Sun Country
176-Episode 174: Makoto Takatsuki Reunites
177-Episode 175: Makoto Takatsuki is an Apostle of the Evil God
178-Episode 176: Makoto Takatsuki talks to the priestess of the goddess of destiny
179-Episode 177: Makoto Takatsuki meets Shuraba
180-Episode 178: Human War 1
181-Episode 179: Makoto Takatsuki Talks to the Goddess
182-Episode 180: Makoto Takatsuki arrives in the dead city of Cornet
183-Episode 181: The Devil War 2
184-Episode 182: A certain knight leader's startle
185-Episode 183: Human War 3
186-Episode 184: Story of Makoto Takatsuki and Aya Sasaki
187-Episode 185: Makoto Takatsuki Enjoys
188-Episode 186: Human War 4
189-Episode 187: Makoto Takatsuki Shoots Down
190-Episode 188: Moon Priestess Juliae Has No Awareness
191-Episode 189: The Devil War Part 5
192-Episode 190: Makoto Takatsuki Listens to Battle Results
193-Episode 191: Makoto Takatsuki Determines
194-Episode 192: Makoto Takatsuki Heads to the Battlefield
195-Episode 193: The Devil War 6
196-Episode 194: Ryosuke Sakurai Remembers
197-Episode 195: Makoto Takatsuki confronts the demon king
198-Episode 196: Makoto Takatsuki Challenges the Demon King
199-Episode 197: Chapter 8 Epilogue
200-Episode 198: Lucy's Friends Can't Be Hospitalized Adultly
201-Episode 199: Princess Sofia is swayed by a brave man
202-Episode 200: Julia is swung around by a guardian knight
203-Episode 201: Makoto Takatsuki Talks to the Goddess of Destiny
204-Episode 202: Makoto Takatsuki receives a shock
205-Episode 203: Makoto Takatsuki Talks with Hero of Light
206-Episode 204: Makoto Takatsuki Participates in the Goddess' Live
207-Episode 205: Makoto Takatsuki is entangled
208-Episode 206: Makoto Takatsuki Heads to the Meritorious Service Ceremony
209-Episode 207: Makoto Takatsuki Knows the Contract
210-Episode 208: Takatsuki Makoto Heads to Subdue the Remnants
211-Episode 209 Despair
212-Episode 210: Makoto Takatsuki is...
213-Episode 211: Moon Priestess Juliae is Defeated
214-Episode 212: Makoto Takatsuki wakes up
215-Episode 213: Makoto Takatsuki meets the Goddess of the Sun
216-214th Episode: Moon shrine priest Juliae becomes a saint
217-Episode 215: Makoto Takatsuki talks to the goddesses
218-Episode 216: Request from the Goddess
219-Episode 217: Makoto Takatsuki does not worry
220-Episode 218: Makoto Takatsuki Helps the Saint
221-Episode 219 Makoto Takatsuki Talks to the Saint
222-Episode 220: Revival of the Great Demon King
223-Episode 221: The oracle of the goddess of the sun
224-Episode 222: Makoto Takatsuki is forced to make a choice
225-Episode 223 Epilogue (Chapter 9)
226-Episode 224: Takatsuki Makoto will land 1,000 years ago
227-Episode 225: Makoto Takatsuki Explores the Demon Lords
228-Episode 226: Makoto Takatsuki Heads to Demon Castle
229-Episode 227: Makoto Takatsuki meets the Messiah
230-Episode 228: Hero Abel Can't Understand
231-Episode 229: Makoto Takatsuki meets a wise man
232-Episode 230: Makoto Takatsuki is a spiritualist
233-Episode 231: Makoto Takatsuki Talks with Hero Abel
234-Quiet story of a certain saint
235-Episode 232: Makoto Takatsuki arrives at the Great Labyrinth
236-Episode 233: Makoto Takatsuki meets Johnny
237-Episode 234: Makoto Takatsuki meets the Apostle of the Evil God
238-Episode 235: Makoto Takatsuki Fights with the Demon King
239-Episode 236: Makoto Takatsuki Talks with Johnny
240-Episode 237 Makoto Takatsuki re-searches the Great Labyrinth
241-Episode 238: Makoto Takatsuki reaches the innermost part of the Great Labyrinth
242-Episode 239: Makoto Takatsuki meets Seiryu
243-Episode 240: The Confused Old Dragon
244-Quiet story Lucy rediscovers the Great Labyrinth
245-Episode 241: Makoto Takatsuki meets XX
246-Episode 242: Makoto Takatsuki returns to the middle class
247-Episode 243 Makoto Takatsuki Heads to the Moon Country
248-Episode 244: Hero Abel Talks with Hakuryu
249 245 stories Makoto T agoshi is puzzled by Abel
250 246 stories Makoto Takoto strolls through the roya...
251 247 stories Makoto Takoto reunites
252 248 stories Makoto Takogami speaks with the goddes...
253 249 stories Makoto Takoto wishes
254 250 stories Makoto Tako may leave the country of t...
255 251 stories Makoto Takoto meets a witch of misfort...
256 252 stories Makoto Takoto trains
257 253 stories Makoto Tagesa fights demon king Cain
258 254 stories Makoto Tagesa deceives the Demon King
259 255 Stories Brave Abel Thinks About Makoto
260 256 stories Makoto Tako may be consulted by Anna
261 257 stories Makoto Takoto aims for an undersea tem...
262 258 Stories: The Concerns of The Wise Momo
263 259 Stories Saint Anna Bothers
264 260-story Makoto Tagesa prepares for the Battle of...
265 261 Stories Demon King Battle Part 1
266 262 Stories Demon King Battle Part 2
267 263 Stories Demon King Battle Part 3
268 264 Stories Mao War Part 4
269 265 Stories Demon King Battle Part 5
270 266 Stories Mao War Part 6
271 267. The Hero of Light Is Entrusted
272 268. When Makoto Tyr moon wakes up...
273 269 stories Makoto Takogami receives oracle from g...
274 270 stories Makoto T agosto decides
275 271 stories Saint Anna conveys her thoughts
276 272 Stories Legendary Party
277 273 stories Makoto Tagesa heads to the Demon Conti...
278 274-story Makoto Tagesa explores the Demon Contine...
279 275 stories Makoto Takoto chooses
280 276 Stories Anna, Hero of Light, Witness
281 277 Stories: Five Demon Kings
282 Tell me 278 stories! God of Destiny
283 279 Stories Brave VS King of Ancient Dragons