Sabaku darake no Sekai de , Ossan ga Denshimane de Musou suru (In a World Filled with Deserts, an Old Man Warrior with Electronic Money)

Kato Taro, an unmarried, middle-aged salaryman, woke up and found himself in a different world full of deserts called the 『Great Desert.』 He was summoned as a 『World Reformer』 to improve the world, but the king, seeing Taro as a dull, middle-aged man, declared the summons a failure and gave him a notice that he was no longer a force to be reckoned with. A short time later, Taro, who was banished to another city, boards a sandship, and the ship is attacked by a swarm of monsters called Sand Beasts. This was a conspiracy by the king to kill Taro and call a new 『World Reformer』. Taro escaped and wandered around the desert, until he met a beautiful girl in an uninhabited oasis. Lalabelle, the king little sister who is a princess, and Miu, her attendant. Lalabelle, who is an outstanding swordsman, and Miu, who is also a skilled wizard, were exiled from the kingdom under the guise of granting the oasis as their territory. Taro, Larabell, and Miu travel through the desert together, but finally a special skill appears in Taro, who was thought to be useless as a Reformer.... 「In other words, when I defeat a sand beast, I can save up a number of money and make whatever purchases I want within that amount.」 「That's a wonderful ability.」 The three of them earn money by defeating sand beasts and shopping with Taro's 『Internet Shopping』 skill, while continuing their journey to keep the Kingdom of Bart from knowing about their survival. What will be the destination for Taro and his friends? Furthermore, there is no problem even if they dont understand the mystery of this world, this is a story about an old man who is sent to another world filled with desert and live as he wish.

Author: Y. A
Chapters: 78



1-Prologue Suddenly rude
2-Episode 1 Baron Stein
3-Episode 2 Major Thunder
4-Episode 3 purple is a noble color
5-Episode 4 Leveling
6-Episode 5 Shinka
7-Chapter 6: Bank = Church
8-Chapter Seven   Chase Release
9-Chapter 8   Attack
10-Episode 9: One person in the desert
11-Episode 10 Lalabel and Mew
12-Episode 11: Oasis with two people
13-Twelfth Episode: Two people who are masochistic enough to pull
14-Episode 13: Beginning of life with three people
15-Episode 14 Negative? Positive?
16-Episode 15 Level Junkie
17-Episode 16 Finally
18-Episode 17 "Internet Shopping"
19-Episode 18 Naturally, seriously!
20-Episode 19 Red "Named" (Does not move at triple speed)
21-Episode 20: Worried Old Men
22-Twenty-first episode honey and sugar
23-Twenty-second episode online shopping life
24-Twenty-third episode: Oasis disappearance and departure
25-Chapter 24   Kana
26-Twenty-fifth episode, new determination
27-Twenty-sixth episode Shipland and the commandments of the desert
28-Twenty-seventh episode white expensive powder
29-Episode 28 Buy a Ship
30-Chapter 29   Nothingness
31-Episode 30 Request Acceptance
32-Thirty-first episode: Operation name, don't mix it up!
33-32nd Episode: A New Journey
34-Episode 33 Suddenly...
35-34th Episode: Ikenye is the market where beautiful women are chosen?
36-35th Episode: The End of the Ikenye Confusion
37-36th episode: Young children get used to it quickly
38-Episode 37 Old Town
39-Chapter 38: Crusade against life
40-Episode 39 New Skill "Trash Can"
41-Episode 40 Princess Play? ‥
42-Chapter 41  デンジ君
43-Chapter 42: Huge Danji
44-Episode 43 Decadenji vs. Uncle Party
45-Episode 44: Short Dungeon Life
46-Episode 45: A Carefree Trip
47-Chapter 46: Moving City
48-Chapter 47: Electronic Fairy
49-Episode 48: Sometimes I get angry
50-Chapter 49   Fit! Mobile city!
51-Episode 50: Moving City Life and Desert Elves
52-Episode 51 Desert Elf
53-Episode 52: Desert Elf Common Sense
54-Episode 53 Second Electronic Fairy
55-Episode 54: There is no particular meaning so far
56-Chapter 55: Notice to the Sand Thief
57-Chapter 56: The Sand Pirate Appears
58-Episode 57: Aisha's Circumstances
59-Episode 58: Sad Opinion
60-Episode 59: Already discolored
61-Episode 60: Moving City Start
62-Episode 61: Dead Sea
63-Episode 62 Sea Spirit
64-Episode 63: Resurrection of the Temple
65-Episode 64 Water Dragon
66-Episode 65 Water Dragon Subjugation
67-Episode 66: Restoration of the Sea
68-Episode 67 Grand Prix Katu
69-Episode 68: Bargain sale destruction
70-Episode 69: Luxury More Than War Preparation
71-Episode 70: How to Use the Trash Can
72-Episode 71: Green Space Trap
73-Chapter 72: World Tree
74-Episode 73: Central Sea Spirit
75-Episode 74: Audience
76-Episode 75: The weakening Kingdom of Bert
77-Episode 76: The Fall of the Central Sea
78-Episode 77: Extreme