A Person With Inferior Ability Returns From Demon World

Yuto Domori was born into the Domori family, a family of the strongest spirit swordsmen who inherited an unusual ability.
However, he inherited spiritual and magical powers from his father and mother, and if only the magical side was sealed, his spiritual power would simply leak out and he would not be able to use either of them at all, resulting in a peculiar constitution that prevented him from inheriting his powers.
For this reason, he received training in the Sendo from his grandfather Tenzo's acquaintance Soni.
Yuto showed his natural ability in learning the Sendo. Through the process, he learned that Senki does not repel either spiritual or magical power, and was able to wield the powerful and unparalleled power of simultaneous use of spiritual and magical power...
That power came at a serious price.
When he enters high school, his grandfather Kazura, a super free spirit, spends all his money on living expenses, he is kicked out of his home for a reckless reason because he is having a hard time making ends meet, and he enrolls in Horaiin Kibayashi High School, which allows him to pay his tuition as long as he pays for his career.
She starts high school life with her childhood friend Mari, who rejected Masato in the past, and her friends Ichigo and Shizuka, but due to various misfortunes, the family's finances are in a state of flux.
Unable to find a good part-time job and unable to shake off his financial worries, Yuto decides to take the World Ability Agency's rank certification test, a taboo in the Domori family, in order to make ends meet.

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Author: Tasuro | たすろう
Chapters: 307

The inferior in ability who returned from the demon world


Makaigaeri no Rettou Nouryokusha


2-Preparedness entrance ceremony ①
3-Preparedness entrance ceremony ②
4-Preparedness entrance ceremony ③
5-Preparedness entrance ceremony ④
6-Preparedness entrance ceremony ⑤
7-Preparedness entrance ceremony ⑥
8-Moving ①
9-Moving ②
10-Securing life and income ①
11-Securing life and income ②
12-Before each rank test
13-Rank test ①
14-Rank test ②
15-Rank test ③
16-Rank test ④
17-Start test ①
18-Test start ②
19-Start test ③
20-Start test ④
21-Bai Ze jasmine
22-Rank test rewinding ①
23-Rank test rewind ②
24-Rank test Good luck and ability ①
25-Rank test Good luck and ability ②
26-Rank test Good luck and ability ③
27-Rank test results and intruders
28-Hunting and confusion of immortals ①
29-Hunting and confusion of immortals ②
30-Immortal hunting and confusion ③
31-Don Du Yuren
32-Don Du Yuren②
33-Don Du Yuren ③
34-Don Du Yuren④
37-[Extra edition] Mari Shirasawa's entrance ceremony
38-[Extra] Kazugo Hakada and the festival
39-[Extra edition] A selection of Mizuho's dresses, a book cover illustration is now available!
40-[Extra edition] Marion Mia Shrian "Mysterious Boy"
41-[Extra edition] Yuto Domori and classical love
42-Chapter 1 Characters [Spoilers Note]
44-Work and work
45-Work and work ②
46-Lack of manpower and ability
47-First request of World Competence Agency
48-First request of World Competent Organization ②
49-First request of World Competent Organization ③
50-Occupation of an outside house
51-Occupation of a house outside of a person ②
52-Occupation of an outside house
53-Occupation of a house outside of a person ④
54-Housekeeping battle before request
55-Housekeeping battle before request ②
56-Housekeeping battle before request ③
57-The night before departure
58-Departure to your location
59-Reunion with Sync
60-Reunion with Sync 2
62-Summoner 2
63-Summoner 3
64-Eve of battle
65-Eve of battle 2
66-Passion of Ichigo
67-Passion of Ichigo ②
68-Passion of Ichigo ③
69-Passion of Ichigo ④
70-Ichigo's Passion ⑤
72-Dark leap
73-Fleeting movement
74-Enemy attack
75-Enemy Attack 2
76-Enemy attack 3
77-Enemy Attack 4
78-Enemy attack 5
79-Enemy Attack 6
80-Enemy Attack 7
83-Counterattack 2
84-Complete victory, and...
85-Arrive in Minra
86-Each speculation
87-Mizuho's report
88-Mattou's daughter Niina
89-Mattou's daughter Niina ②
90-Mattou's daughter Niina ③
91-Sult's sword
92-Sult's sword ②
93-Tentless camp
94-Matto's request
95-Tied hill (hill of Niina)
96-Tied hill (Nina hill) ②
97-Tied hill (Nina hill) ③
98-Tied hill (Nina hill) ④
99-Tied hill (Nina hill) ⑤
100-Tied hill (Nina hill) ⑥
101-Tied hill (hill of Niina)⑦
102-Hypocrisy and drunken inferior person (1) Second reunion
103-Inferior person of hypocrisy and drunkard ②
104-Hypocritical and drunken inferior ③
105-Hypocrisy and drunken inferior ④
106-Hypocrisy and drunken inferior ⑤
107-Hypocrisy and drunken inferior ⑥
108-Poor hypocrisy and drunken ⑦
109-Poor hypocrisy and drunkenness ⑧
110-Hypocrisy and drunken inferior ⑨
111-Hypocritical and drunken inferior ⑩
112-Hypocrisy and drunken inferior ⑪ Settled
113-Leftovers, leftovers
114-Return ①
115-Return ②
116-Return ③
117-Return ④
118-Return ⑤
119-Epilogue ①
120-Epilogue ②
121-Chapter 2   New Rules Characters
122-Extra mobile phone
123-Extra Men's Friendship
125-Changing everyday
126-Changing everyday ②
127-Changing everyday ③
128-Changing everyday life ④
129-Changing everyday ⑤
130-Changing everyday ⑥
131-Changing everyday ⑦
132-Jogakuin and research
133-Jogakuin and survey ②
134-Jogakuin, survey and ③
135-Jogakuin, survey and ④
136-Jogakuin, research and ⑤
137-Jogakuin, survey and ⑥
138-Jogakuin, survey and ⑦
139-Whereabouts of the enemy
140-Whereabouts of the enemy ②
141-The destination of Mari
142-Mari's destination ②
143-Mari's destination ③
145-Visible enemy, invisible enemy
146-Visible enemy, invisible enemy ②
147-Visible enemy, invisible enemy ③
148-Visible enemy, invisible enemy ④
149-Leopard of the Night
150-Leopard of the Dark Night
151-Leopard of the Night
152-Yan Zhishui
153-Yan Zhishui
154-Yan Zhishui ③
155-Yan Zhishui④
156-Yan Zhishui ⑤
157-Yan Zhishui ⑥
159-The enemy
160-Visible enemy ②
161-Agency decisions
162-Agency decision ②
163-Before leaving
164-Before leaving
165-Before leaving ③
166-Before leaving ④
167-Before leaving ⑤
168-Resolution of dead birds
169-Passing each other
170-Passing ②
171-Passing ③
172-Passing ④
173-Passing ⑤
174-Passing ⑥
175-Passing ⑦
176-Passing ⑧
177-Passing ⑨
178-Passing ⑩
179-Passing ⑪
180-Passing ⑫
181-Passing ⑬
182-Inferior Curse
183-Inferior to curse ②
184-Inferior curse ③
185-Another battle
186-Inferior Curse ④
187-Inferior Curse ⑤
188-Inferior curse ⑥
189-Inferior Curse ⑦
190-Inferior to Curse ⑧
191-Inferior to curse ⑨
192-Inferior to curse ⑩
193-Inferior person of curse ⑪
194-Investigation and remaining questions
195-Return home
196-What is a reward
197-Back everyday
198-Back to everyday?
200-Epilogue ②
201-Prologue ①
202-Prologue ②
203-Prologue ③
205-Visitor ②
206-Visitor request
207-A big festival for entering the house, running around
208-Entry to the big festival
209-Before entering the big festival
210-A big festival for entering a house begins
212-Participants ②
213-Grand festival start
215-Past and present
216-Featured stock
217-Starting to move
218-Secrets between men
219-Suspicious participant
220-Suspicious participant ②
221-Suspicious participant ③
222-Suspicious participant ④
223-Introductory Grand Festival in front of the tournament
224-In front of the big festival at the entrance to the tournament ②
225-In front of the big house tournament ③
226-In front of the tournament ④
227-Tournament match
228-Tournament Battle ②
229-Tournament match ③
230-Tournament Battle ④
231-Tournament Battle ⑤
232-Tournament Battle ⑥
233-Tournament Battle ⑦
234-Tournament Battle ⑧
235-Tournament Battle ⑨
236-Tournament Battle ⑩
237-Tournament Battle ⑪
238-Tournament Battle ⑫
239-You People Comment
240-With the end of the first match……
241-With the end of the first match……②
243-Next round measures
244-Creeping things
245-Tournament 2nd Round Meaning
246-Tournament 2nd race, runaway relatives
247-Darkness behind the second tournament
248-Tournament second round
249-Wolf smoke
250-The Truth of the New Year's Festival
251-Attack on Shitenji
252-Attack on Shitenji ②
253-Attack on Shitenji ③
254-Attack on Shitenji ④
255-Attack on Shitenji ⑤
256-Attack on Shitenji ⑥
257-Attack on Shitenji ⑦
258-Attack on Shitenji ⑧
259-Attack on Shitenji ⑨
260-Attack on Shitenji ⑩
261-Attack on Shitenji ⑪
262-Attack on Shitenji ⑫
263-Shitenji Total War
264-Shitenji Total War ②
265-Shitenji Total War ③
266-Shitenji Total War ④
267-Shitenji Total War Battle
268-Shitenji all-out battle, fierce battle ②
269-Shitenji all-out battle Melee ③
270-Shitenji all-out battle, fierce battle ④
271-Shitenji all-out battle, fierce battle ⑤
272-Shitenji all-out battle Messen ⑥ [Cover illustrations and cover paintings are partially released! ]
273-Shitenji all-out battle ⑦
274-Shitenji all-out battle Meiran ⑧ [Today, a part of the cover art is released in the calligraphy cover illustration]
275-Shitenji total counterattack [partial release of book cover art]
276-Shitenji total counterattack ②
277-Shitenji counterattack ③
278-Shitenji counterattack ④
279-Sanzenin Water Weight
280-Sanqianyuan Water Weight ②
281-Sanqianyuan Water Weight ③
282-Keys [Volume 2 cover illustration and illustration of Yasuko]
283-Keys ② [2 volumes, white and Susan's illustrations released]
284-Keys ③ [2nd volume Sally's illustration, Mizuho, ​​Marion illustrations released]
285-Keys ④
286-Keys ⑤
287-Keys ⑥
288-Passion of inferior person
289-Passion of inferior person ②
290-Passion of inferior ability ③
291-Passion of inferior ability ④
292-Passion of inferior ability ⑤
293-Passion of inferior person ⑥
294-Passion of inferior person ⑦
295-Passion of inferior person ⑧
296-Passion of inferior persons ⑨
297-Passion of inferior person ⑩
298-Passion of inferior persons ⑪
299-Inferiority of inferior person ⑫
300-Epilogue 1
301-Epilogue 2
303-Premonition ①
303 Premonition ①
304 Premonition ②
305 Premonition ③
306 Premonition ④